Readers Write: Upgrades to Oyster Bay services really downgrades

Readers Write: Upgrades to Oyster Bay services really downgrades

In regards to the recent article “Upgraded Oyster Bay services” the front page headline should really have a read, headline of “Downgraded Oyster Bay services for many.”

How is eliminated train service to so many people an upgrade?

The decision to skip stops is absolutely shortsighted.

An express train from Oyster Bay is an excellent idea but not at the expense of removing a train stop for so many commuters from Glen Cove, Sea Cliff, Greenvale, Albertson and Mineola. How about the idea of just adding an express train to the schedule?

How about adding a few express shuttle trains during rush hour to Mineola? Those are upgrades!

The new express train will leave many commuters with hour long gaps to get into the City. That’s a “Downgrade.

This will cause people to spend more time commuting, they will have to spend additional money on parking, permits, and gas to catch a train at that time, and parking lots for those stops that have not been eliminated will be more crowded leaving less space for those communities.

The MTA and Long Island Rail Road duly noted how the Grand Central stop is a game changer that will not only help commutes but will increase property values. The removal of the 6:55 am Oyster Bay train as a local will negate that 100% for those communities that no longer have that train.

Todd Richman

Old Westbury

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