Readers Write: Your columnist practices ‘woke’ intolerance

Readers Write: Your columnist practices ‘woke’ intolerance

Your liberal “newspaper” and its far-left Minister of Disinformation, Karen Rubin, reached a new low with the publication of her latest diatribe of July 8. Her opinion piece illustrates perfectly the complete lack of journalistic integrity and impartiality of your paper, while at the same time allowing leftists to engage in hate speech and not including a conservative or moderate rebuttal to even out the playing field.

Her repeated (and derisive) references to “white Christo Fascists” and “extremist Christo-Fascists” shows how it’s “acceptable” in liberal circles to attack white people in general, and specifically white, Christian males in particular, while anyone who disagrees with leftists, LGBTQ, minorities and other “protected” classes of people is not to be tolerated. I will tell you that people have had enough of this nonsense. We refuse to allow Rubin and her ilk to impose their “woke” intolerance on people with her hysterical hyperbole. It’s not OK to use phrases like “Christian indoctrination” and ” extremist Christo-Fascist” justices. It’s hate speech, pure and simple.

And while I’m at it, let me give Rubin a little history about this nation. Over 350,000 white men died to free slaves, end that despicable practice and preserve the Union. You know, the “evil white men” who upheld the “evil patriarchy” while Rubin’s own Democratic Party supported slavery, lynching and Jim Crowe laws for decades and decades. And her party will lose big in the upcoming November elections, despite their recent failed attempts to gerrymandering election districts to their advantage in New York state.

The judge presiding over the case ruled their controversial redistricting plan to be illegal. But Rubin makes no mention of that flawed and reckless Democratic attempt to influence the vote. She claims that pundits “mistakenly” blame Joe Biden and the Democrats. On what planet does Rubin live? Biden is the worst president in U.S. history and Kamala Harris is a political joke who couldn’t even earn 1% of the Democratic vote in the Democratic primary.

But that doesn’t matter to Rubin, who is a hard-core, leftwing partisan oblivious to the good of this nation and its people. People like her would attack parents who attend school board meetings and raise legitimate objections to the leftist, anti-American, pro-gay agenda that the teacher’s unions have been trying to ram down the throats of innocent and impressionable children. That’s the REAL intolerance here. Parents complaining about these agendas are engaging in their Democratic prerogative,  and no amount of “shaming tactics” by Rubin and her fellow leftists will silence them.

So Blank Slate Media and all its local “newspapers” should issue an apology to its readers for all the racist and sexist hate speech that Karen Rubin regularly employs in her columns. I would also add that I will challenge her to a debate anyplace, anytime to defend my statements against her disinformation, either in person or by article in your publication.

Paul Giarmo.

Carle Place

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  1. Mr. Giarmo,

    What exactly is anti-American about a decent living wage, access to affordable healthcare, and a strong focus on education and infrastructure? This was Eisenhower’s agenda, so it’s pretty obvious it’s modern-day Republicans who have become too radical, and not the Democrats.

    Also, what’s the problem with being pro-gay? Why is this even an issue? Gay people have been around for thousands of years. They have every right to expect respect and equality. And let’s face it – 95% of anti-gay mentality stems from the Bible. The Bible is opinion, not fact.

    I respect Mr. Giarmo’s right to speak his mind, but it seems his mindset is outdated.


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