The Back Road: The strange case of Dr. Aruna Khilanani

The Back Road: The strange case of Dr. Aruna Khilanani

Andrew Malekoff

I first read about psychiatrist Aruna Khilanani’s (Dr. K) violent, race-based fantasies in the New York Post, the modern-day incarnation of the old National Enquirer – a literary form of entertainment and titillation, at best.

In the 1960s the Enquirer sucked readers in with stories of paranormal happenings, medical anomalies, freaks of nature, political scandal and celebrity gossip.

The New York Post was founded in 1801 by Alexander Hamilton, who I imagine had a vastly different vision than that of today’s publisher Rupert Murdoch.

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Who can forget the 1983 classic, “Headless Body Found in Topless Bar?” Some consider it to be the greatest headline in New York newspaper history.

After reading about Dr. K’s speech to an audience of Yale medical students in the Post, I decided to look further for a more reliable source. I found a June 5 piece in Newsweek magazine that did confirm the Post’s reporting.

In the Newsweek story, Dr. K was quoted as telling the aspiring doctors that, “I had fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way, burying their body and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step. Like I did the world a f***ing favor.”

To be fair, I reached out to the good doctor on Twitter to get her comment on the matter. I tweeted, “As a fellow MH [mental health] professional, I’m trying 2 understand the purpose of you sharing your homicidal fantasy. To express your rage? What good do you expect to come of it? I’m a white guy. I’ve been one for 70 years now. Would you like to unload a round into my head?”

Although she has yet to respond, she posted a TikTok video on her Twitter account (@arun_khilanani). In the video recording Dr. K complains about a disclaimer against violent hate speech that the Yale School of Medicine put out in which they stated “how violent my talk was.”

Replying to her objection with Yale’s disclaimer, Minerva Doll @wasclywabit tweeted, “Something tells me she knows she is wrong to tweet about murdering people for their skin color.”

JMP @soyismurder responded to Minerva, “She was just being dramatic. I chalk it up to frustration . . . diagnosing an entire race is psychopathic. This destroys any credibility she might have.”

To which Minerva Doll tweeted back to JMP, “She is far worse than dramatic. She’s an arrogant psychopath who thinks murdering whites is justified.”

Does she think murdering whites is justified? Was she exaggerating for effect? Was she using hyperbole to graphically describe her rage? Does what she said qualify as hate speech? Was she knowingly or unwittingly inciting violence?

Does systemic racism exist? Most definitely. Did Dr. K have the right to share her fantasies with her audience? Of course. Do they constitute hate speech?

It takes only simple common sense to know that publicly sharing such deranged fantasies constitutes hate speech and serves to lay a foundation for violence.

Words do matter Dr. K. I suggest you choose them more wisely in the future.

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  1. Trying to justify this psychopaths words??..cut the crap in a country like poland or any other country that takes pride in itself and isn’t afraid of being called racist…she would have been eliminated by now..

    It’s sad to rationalize her obvious hatred of whites..turns out she went to country day school in suburban Detroit for high school…which is as white privileged as it gets…gee her parents are doctors Troy Michigan..I wonder since they are Pakistani if they dream of beheading all white people?

  2. For someone who says that words matter, you don’t seem to care about the ones she used. She specifically said she was going to use inflammatory remarks to discuss reactions to them. This is a psych professional giving a talk to other psych professionals, not students, and she’s not teaching them to think like that, she’s teaching them to understand their reaction to statements like that. Do some research for your silly blog, Old Man River.

    • And, with all that blather you had the foresight to name yourself after your most obvious quality, and provide me with the perfect reply without even having to work up a sweat. What a pal!

    • You are incorrect. According to several sources, including NY Times: “The talk, titled “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind,” had been presented by the School of Medicine’s Child Study Center as part of Grand Rounds, a weekly forum for faculty and staff members and others affiliated with Yale to learn about various aspects of mental health.” Additionally, it was a required lecture for those to be licensed as psychiatrists. Do some research for your silly response.

    • Oh please, that is the most blatant bs I have ever heard in my life. Not even YOU honestly believe what you just wrote. This was NOT some kind of psychological exercise conducted for any educational benefit. This was a person venting their completley genuine thoughts and feelings for no purpose other than the personal gratification she gets from spewing her racist hatred. She practically admitted this in a statement she released. I’m honestly really happy this has come out, so people can see for themselves just how diabolically hateful and evil the left truly is. This is what they really believe.

    • It seems you should do some research yourself because she was talking to medical students not other doctors. She wanted the lecture to be made public and when Yale only made it available to students who were there she was not happy about it. Now how did she think that most people were going to react when seeing or hearing her socieopathic speech about killing white people who were around her? I can only wonder what would have been said and done if this sociopath was white and talked publicly about a dream of killing any other race of people. More than likely she would have been “canceled”, receive death threats, and God knows what else.

    • I truly believe the Dr of forensic psychology proved her point both in the lecture and the response from everyone who decided to focus all of their attention on the speaker as the evil one. She is the observer in the lecture and not the hate itself, but at the same time pointing out that this s what we are as a human race: violent, racist, judgemental, competitive, egotistic, resentful, suspicious, etc…. I applaud her fully! She is the speaker and not the thought!….what a reaction she was able to draw!

  3. This very sick psychopath needs to have her medical licensed revoked immediately and be brought up on charges of incitement to violence. Yale University also should be heavily fined for even allowing such a vile murderous racist to use the University as a forum to present such ideas.

  4. I think what is beyond heartbreaking and frightening is that apparently only ‘several’ Yale members attending a speech filled with violent, racist, remarks felt the need to complain to Yale leadership. Where the hell were the rest of them! These are supposed to be among the brightest and best of medical minds; where was their courage to loudly and publicly condemn this speech? If the speaker had been white and the racism reversed…would they have spoken out? Would Yale have made such a tepid response? Words do matter. As a psychiatrist she should know more than most the danger of such hateful speech. I hope the law enforcement leaders who might utilize her as a forensics consultant see there is no place in the field for someone who fantasizes about shooting white people in the head and thinks all white people deserve contempt.

  5. This article is a joke. The first half , was nothing more than , slamming the publication in which the author first observed, the hate filled drivel, from a lunatic.

    • I love the NY Post now, as I did the Enquirer then. But, I am required to fact check all “hate filled drivel.” That I inspired you to respond to my joke of a column is an honor that I shall hold close to my heart.

    • Agree Booth.. The NY Post was the mainstream paper that broke the story (again), which he fact checked and found to be accurate, it should have received the Authors praise instead it came with a smear.

      • The NYP, on contrast, should NOT be praised for doing their job.

        The smear came because 99.9% of the time, they do just the opposite. They might as well be printing UFO stories and stories of Alien Abductions as the Enquirer is known for; anytime I factcheck them, not only do I have to run a marathon through numerous extraneous Right-Wing clickbait ‘news’ forums, I also end up finding that they were way off of what the original source I worked so hard to track down–preferably an original official document or memo linked to the matter being reported about–so as to render what they reported entirely inaccurate.

        Hamilton indeed is rolling in his grave…

        I don’t know, though…he WAS a bit of a Sensationalist, wasn’t he? LOL

  6. Andrew malekoff,
    The only thing you got wrong in that assessment was the way you described the New York post. It’s actually the only true form of journalism and news left in New York. I hope you don’t listen to the fascist, lying propaganda trash called the New York times which is nothing more than a pack of lies and opinions from left wing liberal psychopaths. They are probably all good friends with Khilanani.

    • thank you Tonia…the fact that they use large print for headlines and often satirical (and well done) plays on words hardly classifies the Post as an Enquirer clone…Those of us who do not bow down @ the mighty altar of the NY Times and their obviously one-sided take on all things deep left are glad there is still an opposing viewpoint…while still allowed

    • I love the Post! Reminds of the Ringling Bros circus side-shows at the old MSG and Times Square before Rudy went and gentrified it.

    • The fact you claim the NYP as the single authoritative news ‘source’ for New York shows you have likely never actually tired to fact check the information contained within. >_>

      I have. It never ends in any official documentation as the NYT or the WAPO or the Seattle Times does…usually on the first page, I might add…and instead I run through numerous Alt Right Clones, desperately seeking the OFFICIAL Source I am looking for…never to find one…

  7. I totally agree with your comments. Perhaps the good doctor would rather be back in Iran? It would interesting to see if her”freedom of speech” theory would be accepted there. Highly doubt it.

    • I’m a Psychology Undergrad. Trust me…NO ONE benefits from Psychoanalysis, LMFAO

      It’s done a lot for Psychology, don’t get me wrong, but as a standalone system it is woefully flawed.

  8. Dr.K is trying to provoke violence. Her medical license should be suspended and she should consult a competent psychiatrist.

    • Credible? That’s a good one. Hardly. For example, Did you know that the New York Post temporarily deleted, and then edited and republished, a debunked article that falsely claimed that copies of Vice President Kamala Harris’ book were being included in “welcome kits” given to migrant children at a shelter in Long Beach, California. The reporter who wrote the article, Laura Italiano, resigned from the newspaper. stating, “The Kamala Harris story — an incorrect story I was ordered to write and which I failed to push back hard enough against — was my breaking point.”

  9. This is literally what she was talking about; the absolute impossibility of understanding where a person of color might be coming from. White people never need to express their violence against people of color because it is normalized and it happens quite casually. Hell, why people have envisioned whole worlds in which other people of color didn’t even exist and put them on TVs and in radio shows and then comic books for all the world to see. This is preemptively imaginatively genocidal. But of course you wouldn’t see that as a 70-year-old white dude.

    • Nice try. Peek-a-boo, I see you, but you don’t see me.

      Any relation to Sergeant Preston of the Yukon.

    • Do you realize that you’re ACTUALLY criticizing someone for taking issue with somebody saying they want to MURDER him for no other reason than the color of his skin? Do you seriously expect people to just lay down and take that? Honestly, at this point I am DONE trying to be tolerant. This is the last straw for me. I’m not putting up with this for one more second. If this is how it’s going to be then fine, I guess I’m joining the alt-right.

    • You are making apologies for someone who is clearly in need of serious psychiatric treatment (rather than presuming to administer it to others) and may in fact pose a serious threat to those around her. As it happens, I am a “person of color” myself, and this kind of talk is utterly inexcusable by any sane moral metric. She is furthermore in a position of absolute privilege (considering her ethnic and economic background) and I can say almost with certainty has never actually experienced racism herself. If impoverished African-Americans, who bear the brunt of systemic racism in this country, can refrain from making such deeply unhinged remarks – There is not a single reason someone like this could justifiably harbor literal genocidal sentiments.

      • Sure there’s a reason. Don’t you know that, as Harpo pointed out, we whites who are lower SES (as I myself am) are STILL so far better off than SHE as a black woman with a net-worth of BILLIONS is? Because, you know, white privilege. >_>

        I grieve to inform you that this kind of talk–which you rightly shun–will likely become normative under the present administration. >_>

  10. Substitute any color, ethnicity, religion, or even gender trait in place of “white” and there would be a riot on her doorstep and we poor diplomatic (&&& educated) whites just say “ choose your words more wisely” – she ought to be charged with hate crimes and have her US medical credentials taken away. Deport her back to where she can serve her lunatic racist brothers. Oh but they sent her here in the first place, Probably paid for her education. What is wrong with yellow university anyway! If my physicians attended or graduated from Yale I would change doctors immediately

  11. “Does systemic racism exist?”

    There is only one privileged group that can’t be questioned. It isn’t White people as evidenced by this.

  12. This person is a physician, licensed to practice medicine and prescribe medications, such as anti-depressants and other psychotropic drugs. There is no way she should be allowed to practice for another minute. Can you imagine going to her if you are depressed or suicidal?
    The New York state Office of Medical Professional Conduct should begin Proceedings to suspend and revoke her license forthwith

  13. Nidal Malik Hasan, MD (born September 8, 1970) is a former American Army Major convicted of killing 13 people and injuring more than 30 others in the Fort Hood mass shooting on November 5, 2009.[3] Hasan was a United States Army Medical Corps psychiatrist. He admitted to the shootings at his court-martial in August 2013.[4][5] A jury panel of 13 officers convicted him of 13 counts of premeditated murder, 32 counts of attempted murder, and unanimously
    Prior to the shooting, Hasan expressed critical views described by colleagues as “anti-American”.
    The Senate released a report describing the mass shooting as “the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil since September 11, 2001”
    On November 5, 2009, Hasan reportedly shouted “Allahu Akbar!”[75][76][77] (the phrase means “God is the greatest”),[78][79] and opened fire on ‘armed forces’ in the Soldier Readiness Center of Fort Hood, located in Killeen, Texas, killing thirteen people and wounding over thirty others in the worst shooting against ‘armed forces’ on an American military base.

  14. You gotta be kidding me! In recent years NY Post has become THE leading mass medium for investigative reporting. Just take its investigation of the most egregious case of government corruption: Hunter Biden’s laptop and his father’s involvement in selling out to corrupt Chinese, Ukrainian, Russia and Kazakh oligarchs.

  15. It is obvious by the title and descriptive content of the talk and by it being allowed to actually be had, that the extremely racist tone of this was NOT frowned upon by the University, but rather considered an opportunity to learn about such views, not as racist views as the same talk would have been viewed if the word “white” was replaced with “black” but as an IDEA.
    It seems to me that even with the inclusion of murderous violence against “any white person”, that this body of scholars would still not label this as hate speech but rather as simply “not reflecting their views”
    It is obvious that we are in a time of anti-white, public and systemic racism. Institutions from our current administration to our public schools to teach and treat one race as demons.

  16. As a 56 year old , I find the way we are heading as a people SICKENING , should not TWITTER AND FACEBOOK BAN HER ?
    (HATE INCITING VIOLENCE ) HATE BREEDS HATE there is no room for such talk

  17. Contemplate for a moment what it would be like to be a patient of hers. Contemplate if you had been seeing her for multiple sessions per week in psychoanalysis over a number of years. If you were white (or black or of colour and didn’t share her views) how could you keep seeing her? I imagine it would be devastating.

    Another thought: she has described having fantasises of killing white people. It could be argued that it is ok to have fantasies, particularly when raised in therapy. Being able to have fantasies in therapy can address the feelings and thoughts that inform them in order to address one’s own intolerance. It is not appropriate to voice racist and violent fantasies without any context in a public lecture however.

  18. I think what made it extra disturbing was that she gave this vitriolic speech in the School of Medicine’s Child Study Center. I can’t imagine how her talk relates to that dept. at all.

  19. I feel sorry for her white clients. They’re not going to know if the whole time they’ve been pouring their hearts out to her, she’s been sitting there thinking, ‘shut up whitey, what do you have to complain about?’

  20. Regardless of how her comments are psycho-analyzed, what she said was pure hate towards the white race which seems to be a growing trend. You have to ask, where is this stemming from? The obvious answer is the shift that we have had in how Democrats have been putting monikers on different races since Jimmy Carter and the use of that moniker to drive wedges between the races and put them against each other. Believe it or not, this is the basis for asymmetrical warfare, I know this first hand and quite honestly, there is no amount of truth in the world that can combat this type of campaign simply because perception is reality and the more you push it, the more the actual truth becomes lost in the messaging.

    I personally don’t feel sorry for people who want to push the type of rhetoric and if and when push comes to shove, I will defend myself and my family by all means necessary, call it a side affect of military training.

  21. I strongly urge all New York State residents to contact the New York State Medical Association to condemn the hate speech of Aruna Khilanani. I don’t live in NYS and I sent them a message about this person condemning her racist and violent screed. The liberal left wing news sources, CNN, MSNBS, AOL, Yahoo News, CBS, NBC, ABC won’t make a stink about her racist rantings. But YOU have to! No matter who racism and violence is directed to, citizens must use their voices to protest this sort of ugliness. It was remarkable that even the liberal rag The New York Times ran a full article on Khilanani in last Monday’s paper. Thanks to brave journalist like Bari Weiss, we know about this sad and scary person.

  22. All the lies about “Critical Race Theory” and “white privilege” ideology being “anti-racist” and that it “doesn’t preach hatred of white people at all, do your research”…. yeah thats pretty much been exposed lately hasn’t it.

    • critical race theory is a term i despise. the best term is TRUTH.

      white people dont want their children to know the truth about how their families became the dominant society. they want the massacres in tulsa and wilmington, and the pure theft of black wealth and redlining and terrorisms….(i could go on), to remain hidden so they can lie to them and themselves about how they didnt arrive in their position due to white affirmative action.

      the pyschopathic history of white america is history that cant be changed.

      sad for you sir.

  23. When psychopaths appropriate the language of therapists (yes, I know this creature was both), they think by calling others psychopathic, and accusing THEM of gaslighting, that they have somehow made themselves immune to those criticisms.

    I know how people like this alleged doctor behave, she’s not sobbing, or even upset at all. She is excited for the rush that this has brought, and is plotting ways to get back at her detractors. She is incapable of understanding that she and her kind (other race-fanatics like Dr. Kendi, et c.) are the problem, or that, in addition to espousing ridiculous neo-maoist, “bring on the cultural revolution and smash their dog heads” kind of speech, she is exceptionally psyhopathic in her peer group. The others at least try to hide the malintent by saying “we never said we hate white PEOPLE, it’s WHITENESS we hate, and they are not the same thing”. Of course, anyone with a brain thoight that was ridiculous, but at least they were scared to admit their full genocidal tendencies.

    • do you know how far that good dr would have to go to match the psychopathy your ilk has cursed america with?

      what should she be upset about?
      what did she say that was a lie?

      we’ll wait….

      • So it appears lg judges everyone by the color of their skin too…put them all in the same box lg, they all deserve it!
        May God have mercy on your soul because YOU are part of the problem.

  24. Hitler wanted to annihilate the Jewish population too.
    He never apologized either
    This is what Godless psychos become
    I pray for her dark soul
    Her demons are legions

  25. For the the lobotomized virtue signalers out there what is she said this?

    ““I had fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any BLACK person that got in my way, burying their body and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step. Like I did the world a f***ing favor.”

    Does that make it any different? How about Jewish?
    Is Liberalism is becoming a DSM-V mental disorder?

  26. It’s absolutely incredible what people write in their own social, sometimes this type of negative message can follow some teenagers or people who don’t have their point of view. I think need to be very careful with this type of information.

  27. I keep hearing comments that white people are afraid to talk about race. That is very true. If any white person says anything that the leftist media doesn’t like they are immediately labeled a racist. If you want a true open discussion about race then everyone should be allowed to speak. If Dr Khilanani wants to express herself then I should be allowed to also. But this is currently not the way it is.

  28. Dr. Khilanani later defended sharing her violent fantasies by stating that, “My speaking metaphorically about my own anger was a method for people to reflect on negative feelings. To normalize negative feelings. Because if you don’t, it will turn into a violent action.”

    What do you think?

  29. The Post is easily the most sensible and reliable newspaper in NYC. As a bonus, it’s also funny.
    Any of their reporters is smarter than Malekoff, who is a pompous idiot.

  30. white folks have always been the most violent people in america and the world.

    who went/goes around lynching folks for fun?
    who would cut and burn the lynched folks and cut off their skin as souvenirs?
    who went around burning homes and bombing churches?
    who has conducted the most massacres in american history?
    who thought it was a keen idea to enslave millions of people and forbid them from learning?
    who has the audacity to hate the people they committed the most crimes of humanity against?

    dr. aruna needs to be the least of your concerns.

    seek therapy.

  31. white folks have always been the most violent people in america and the world.

    who went/goes around lynching folks for fun?
    who would cut and burn the lynched folks and use their skin as souvenirs?
    who went around burning homes and bombing churches?
    who has conducted the most massacres in american history?
    who thought it was a keen idea to enslave millions of people and forbid them from learning?
    who has the audacity to hate the people they committed the most crimes of humanity against?

    dr. aruna needs to be the least of your concerns.

    seek therapy.

  32. the island is censoring comments that run contrary to this author’s narrative.


    just another example of inferiority. if your position could stand on its own merit, no censorship would be needed.

    must suck to be lesser than.

    feel free to censor this too lolololololol


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