On The Right: Why I’m voting for Madeline Singas

On The Right: Why I’m voting for Madeline Singas

I am a big “C” and a small “c” conservative.  

In many ways I grew up with the New York Conservative Party which was founded to serve ideals first and to oppose political cronyism and corruption.  

As a teenager in 1965, I handed out flyers on street corners for our New York City mayoral candidate, William F. Buckley Jr., the founder of America’s modern conservative movement.  

In 1993, I was delighted to follow in his footsteps and accept the Conservative Party’s nomination for the office of New York City mayor.

And in 1995, it was one of the greatest honors of my life to receive the state Party’s highest commendation, The Charles Edison Memorial Award, which reads “In grateful recognition for services to the Conservative Party, the conservative cause and the nation.”

This background may help explain why during the 14 years I have lived in Nassau, I’ve been disappointed that the county’s Conservative Party often takes its marching orders from Republican bosses and accepts their wholly unqualified candidates.

That’s why on Tuesday, November 3, I will cast my vote for Madeline Singas for Nassau District Attorney and I urge all Conservatives to do the same.

I’m supporting Madeline Singas because she is a highly qualified career prosecutor — not an unqualified career machine politician like her opponent.

Let’s face it, Nassau County, which is on the edge of fiscal insolvency, reeks of corruption.  

U.S. Attorneys are investigating every political nook and cranny in the county and have indicted a noted Republican state senator and a noted politically-connected businessman for allegedly exploiting local government for their personal gain.

In addition, a recent blockbuster report issued by acting DA Singas concluded that Nassau County’s contracting process was a “recipe for corruption” because it is not insulated “from improper influences, manipulations, collusion anad fraud.”

When I served on the Board of Directors of the Nassau Interim Finance Authority, I was appalled by contracts parceled out to political cronies and campaign contributors.  

And now, with huge county budget deficits projected for as far as the eye can see, it is imperative that we have an experienced DA who can uncover, prosecute and convict political rogues who rip off taxpayers.

In these dismal times, Nassau’s overburdened taxpayers cannot have a business as usual District Attorney.  

We need a DA who is not under the thumb of political bosses and is committed to rooting out corruption, wherever it is and whoever is responsible.

This November, the candidate who fills that bill is Madeline Singas.

George J. Marlin is the author of Fighting the Good Fight:  A History of the New York Conservative Party.

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