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Real Estate Watch: Location, location, school district

When you are purchasing a home, homeowner association, condo or co-op or even considering a rental, some desire a renovated place, some just want...

Real Estate Watch: Pre-inspection is best investment

Your thinking or getting ready to consider selling your home.   There is a multitude of items to put on your checklist; but where do...

Real Estate Watch: Preparing your home for the fall

There is so much one can do on the outside of their home, but we will focus on the most important items to consider: 1....

Real Estate Watch: What makes Great Neck great

I have lived in Great Neck for way over a half a century and seen many, many changes, the majority positive and I have...

Real Estate Watch: Be thankful for Thanksgiving

My Rotary club distributed 1,000 frozen turkey dinners (with all the stuffing, vegees, and dessert) last Sunday Nov. 20 at The Merchant Marine Academy...

Real Estate Watch: Looking to buy or sell condo or co-op?

Funny thing, I had one of my readers call me in my car, last Tuesday, Nov. 31, on the way to the West Village...

Real Estate Watch: Trump’s effect on real estate market

Well, he did it, he was the clear winner with 306 Electoral College Votes to her 232. (even though he lost the popular vote...

Real Estate Watch: Education a key to representation

I had been in Atlantic City this week, but not to gamble. Instead, attended our Triple Play Realtors Conference.    There were approximately 8,000 realtors,...

Real Estate Watch: In the middle of a perfect storm?

The election for now is over, but interest rates dipped before the election, due to uncertainty and many put their dollars in the safe...