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All Things Real Estate: Protecting yourself and your home

There are so many financial and health challenges to concern ourselves with today, it’s no wonder that more buyers are stressed and getting shut...

All Things Real Estate: Buying a home or a community lifestyle?

As you search for that hard-to-find, special, first-time or move-up home, is it all about the home or the neighborhood or both? I believe...

All Things Real Estate: Thinking outside the box

Sellers and buyers are currently experiencing very challenging times. It would still seem like an opportune moment with the lack of inventory for sellers...

All Things Real Estate: Preparing your home for a hurricane

We are still in the middle of our hurricane season and if you watch TV, listen to the news, or read a paper, hurricanes...

All Things Real Estate: Guiding buyers to their sweet spot

It’s obvious that our real estate market has changed with the increase in our mortgage rates. It has become either unaffordable for many or...

All Things Real Estate: The recession and housing price stability

Some still downplay and believe that we aren’t yet in a recession. But as history has shown us two quarters of negative GDP, which...

All Things Real Estate: How will inflation affect values?

Inflation is here and probably will be staying with us much longer than we expect or want. The excessive printing of money from 2020-2022...

All Things Real Estate: The story behind sub-prime mortgages

Here is a little history as to why people were forced to do short sales and the reasons behind it all. About 18 years...

All Things Real Estate: Low housing inventory raises concerns

The Inflation Reduction Act, passed by both houses of Congress and signed by President Biden on Aug. 16, became a compromise for the much...

All Things Real Estate: How to attract buyers in today’s housing market

Creating a viable and successful open house today requires some changes and pivoting to attract slowly changing buyer demand. It is becoming a bit...

All Things Real Estate: Pricing a home right is crucial in this market

With the increase in mortgage interest rates over the last eight months, properties are not necessarily selling as quickly as they were in the...

All Things Real Estate: Analyze the cost of heating your home this winter

Is your home heated by natural gas, oil, or electricity? Supplies of oil and gas are at a very low level and will continue...