Curran, Martins more confrontational in Westbury debate

Curran, Martins more confrontational in Westbury debate
Jack Martins (left) and Laura Curran (right) at a debate hosted by the Long Island Association and moderated by its CEO, Kevin S. Law (center). (Photo by Luke Torrance)

With the election nearing, increasingly sharp exchanges between Laura Curran, the Democratic candidate for county executive, and Jack Martins, the Republican candidate,  were on display during a debate at the Crest Hollow Country Club on Thursday morning.

“You need just one Democrat to vote yes to move forward with repairing a road or fixing a bridge,” Martins said, referring to the partisan split in the county Legislature over capital improvements. “Laura did that for about $50 million worth of $150 million because it affected Baldwin, but the other $100 million dollars is still tied up.”

In response, Curran brought up corruption and former state Sen. Dean Skelos, the majority leader who was convicted of corruption.  Her campaign has accused Martins of defending Skelos.

Hosted by the Long Island Association, the two candidates appeared on stage in the Woodbury club’s ballroom, separated by moderator Kevin S. Law, CEO of the association. The audience consisted of representatives of groups like the MTA and businesses like Bank of America, who were especially interested in the candidates’ stance on economic issues.

“I’m looking forward very much to getting input from our business community,” Curran said. “In a lot of ways, the business community has figured things out much better than the government has. I’m looking forward to getting your advice.”

In one question, the candidates were asked if Nassau County – with its fleeing youth population and crumbling infrastructure – could be compared to New York City in the 1970s. Curran said the county had to change what it meant to be a suburb and add high-density housing to attract young people. Martins said Nassau County was seen as a model place to live in the 1950s and 60s, and needed to become a model again.

“We have a proud heritage of being the first suburb in the country,” he said. “It’s our role and our fate to begin leading suburban communities into that next generation.”

There was some discussion of noneconomic issues. One question brought up the recent discovery of bodies on Long Island, likely connected with the MS-13 gang. Both candidates agreed that safety should be the government’s top priority and promised more resources to the county police.

“Without public safety and without sewage, you don’t have civilization,” Curran said. “Everything else is gravy.”

The two also made veiled, and a few not so veiled, criticisms of each other during the debate. At one point, Curran defended her decision to withhold authorizing capital projects, saying that she would not give a blank check to the county.

“That’s a powerful statement,” Martins retorted. “That partisan righteousness has got to give way to what is right.”

The audience was receptive to both candidates with both receiving applause at different points. Despite the more hostile nature of the debate, Law echoed the moderator at the Sands Point debate with his closing remark.

“I think that folks will agree with me that no matter who wins, it looks like Nassau County is going to be in very good hands with either Jack or Laura,” he said.

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  1. There was some discussion of noneconomic issues. One question brought up the recent discovery of bodies on Long Island, likely connected with the MS-13 gang. Both candidates agreed that safety should be the government’s top priority and promised more resources to the county police.

    Laura Curran is starting out [on] a corrupt agenda. Laura was the (former) press agent for Thomas Souzzi, the (former)Democratic County Executive who’s Administration, in 2002, failed to comply with the Enforcement of the CRT-Reform Policy Agreement with the DOJ, to end a Civil and Human Rights Lawsuit. Souzzi and the Legislature failed to implement the Reform policies that included the implementation of Video Surveillance Cameras in NCCC and [all] areas used by inmates at NUMC Secure Prison Wing. Since 1999, not one Video Surveillance Camera file has been released to the public or to the attorneys of the victims or their families. Laura Curran’s is complicit in this “Major Scandal” to deprive inmates at NCCC of their Due Process of a Fair Trial that includes [all] the states evidence and Government Protected (electronic) Video Files. As press agent for Souzzi, Laura Curran’s Aided, abetted and Facilitated this Human and Civil Violation against community members unfortunate to get arrested in NC and were too poor to afford bail by omitting this vital information from the Nassau County tax-paying Citizens who’s tax-dollars purchased the Federal ordered, DA, proposed, Legislature approved, Tax-payer purchased, Video Surveillance Cameras. Video Surveillance Cameras Saves Lives and Stops Abuse and Rapes by ShOA-Correctional Union presidents. Video Cameras Don’t Lie! Long Island’s News Media has colluded with NC’s corrupt Government Administration by ‘Failing To Report’ on the deliberate indifference and egregious, malicious intent of ignoring theses Reform policies and Video Files for public release. Laura Curran is a News Lady that worked to hide the information rather than report on this corrupt pattern and practice that puts lives in jeopardy and enable the “Culture Of Violence” to continue un-abated and un-prosecuted. The News Media is hiding the Truth from the tax-paying public about the Video Surveillance Cameras. Since 1999 not one Video has even been request by way of Freedom Of Information. The News Media are suppose to educate the public_Not [Aid and Abet] “Killers with Badges!” The ShOA-Union is a ‘Continuing Criminal Enterprise’ operating out of the NC Sheriff’s Department. Laura Curran’s is a part of [all] that is wrong for Nassau County tax-payers and community members. To Date: Laura and the MS-19 gang of Legislators (Municipal Servants)-19, are responsible for more deaths and (cover-ups) on Long Island than the MS-13 gang in the past decade. Legislators and the Executive Administration permitted 14-deaths to occur at the jail because Armor Indemnified Nassau County against Lawsuits_Inmates be damned! This [all] occurred on Laura’s watch as a Legislator, but started under Laura’s press agent job under Thomas Souzzi, Laura is renowned for hiding the truth. I never read any of Laura’s News Reports about the “Culture Of Brutality” at NCCC/NUMC. After voting to approve Ed- sticky-fingers -Mangano’s politically engineered Health-Care Scheme that puts Mangano’s Crony appointed operatives at NUMC back in-charge of inmates Health-Care despite NUMC’s past history of deaths, abuse, and cover-ups for “killer jail Guards” Remember Thomas Pizztuo. Now it’s Darryl Woody’s death that Nassau County is covering-up because NC is not indemnified in Darryl Woody’s lawsuit. This is a Homicide that’s being covered-up as a suicide. The News Media is failing to report that Darryl’s death on January 3, 2011, while still on 1to1 24-hour [constant] Suicide Supervision at NUMC. his death was caught on Video Surveillance Cameras at NCC at NUMC. NCCC blames the Medical Center. NUMC blames the jail. Both ‘conspire and collude’ to hide the truth by obstructing Justice and tampering with Government protected files that depicts a homicide by asphyxiation_Choke-Hold by killer jail guards who said that Darryl Woody was “Found hanging.” What NCCC, NUMC The DA’s Office, NYSCOC, Homicide Squad, DOC, Lawmakers, and the News Media, have to hide? “We Can handle the truth! ” Release the Video(s)!” ” Trial Date: April 2018. Yes, Seven years ‘still’ no closer to the truth. What happened to a Federal Investigation? The Feds are in bed with Nassau County’s (corrupt) Administration! The Feds Know! We took Michael Goldberg of the Easter District of New York, Brooklyn’s Civil Right Brach. Two years later Mangano, the jail and the NUMC’s ‘Tragic-Care’ gets a pass. What’s in Laura wallet? A get out of jail free card _or Free Pass on Negative press card by her former press colleagues run by Altice USA. Altice is the Long Island’s equivalent to Sinclair Broad Casting. “When you control the media, you control the Message!” If the message is deception then the community has been deceived. News Suppression by Long Island’s Corporate Establishment. Free-Pree for a Price. What’s Laura’s price_Her Fee. How many more minorities must pay with their lives_damn the treasure! Which News Media will call Nassau County’s Laura Curran out on the Video Cameras?

    In 2006, during the Suozzi administration, Curran was hired as a part-time Nassau County press officer. Her duties included coordination of activities between county agencies.
    “I got to parachute into every agency . . . and got a crash course on just about every department,” Curran recalled.
    Curran left the Suozzi administration in 2008

    Curran started her career at a social service agency recertifying foster homes. She wrote an internal newsletter for an advertising agency, taught journalism at SUNY Purchase and worked as a reporter at weekly and daily newspapers, including the New York Daily News and the New York Post.

    “She’s made ethics the hallmark of her campaign but didn’t offer a single initiative until deciding to run for county executive,” Martins said

    Curran is a former journalism who had worked for both the New York Daily News and the New York Post. Don’t ask me how that happens; I have no idea. Curran has the dubious distinct of being temporarily kicked out of party caucus meetings due to voting for a Mangano written budget bill that added $50 million of debt to the county’s coffers without informing her colleagues of her vote or even that a vote was going to be occurring. (Mangano somehow claim the borrowing embedded in the bill was really revenue. Where have we heard that before?). Curran in the one televised debate between her and Repub turned Dem County Comptroller George Maragos, claimed she had never been kicked out of caucus meetings. A quick two second internet search brought up tens of articles specifying she had, in fact, been kicked out of caucus meetings and as of May was still not allowed back in. Yet she became the party’s chosen nominee. And don’t think this is the only Dem to be barred from caucus meetings. One was barred after being arrested for domestic violence (he’s still a member of the legislature after called from the minority leader for him to re-sign.) and another was barred for making racist remarks.
    The records show the woman told police Solages said he would never get in trouble “because he owns the police department and the courts.” Solages also allegedly told her he “has connections to the media” and “can change the newspaper articles,” the court file shows.

    After the vote, Democratic Minority Leader Kevan Abrahams (D-Freeport) said Curran “sold out,” but now says, “She was in a tough position and didn’t want to be categorized as voting against her district. But I never felt personally betrayed.” Abrahams has endorsed Curran.

    After working as a part-time press officer in former Democratic County Executive Thomas Suozzi’s administration, Curran won a school board seat, getting more votes than her two opponents combined. After serving for three years, she was elected to an open seat on the GOP-controlled county leg.

    Evlyn Tsimis of Manhasset is vice president of regulatory and government affairs at Altice USA, which owns 25 percent of Newsday Media Group. She will be deputy county executive for economic development.

    Robert Brodsky is a Nassau County political reporter who has worked at Newsday since 2011.


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