F45 Training seeks to combine fitness with Port’s unity

F45 Training seeks to combine fitness with Port’s unity
Ribbon cutting for F45's grand opening on July 6. Based on 45-minute workout sessions, the fitness center provides an inclusive setting. (Photo by Peter M. Budraitis)

F45 Training, Port Washington’s newest fitness studio, had its grand opening on July 6.

The opening marks the newest location for the franchise at 5 Soundview Marketplace.

Port Washington Chamber of Commerce’s executive director, Bobbie Polay, called them a welcomed addition.

“They have converted the space in Soundview Marketplace into a sleek, clean, modern training location that is an asset to our community,” she said. “Even before they opened, the owners and staff have shown an interest in becoming involved with and supporting the community. We wish them success and look forward to their involvement with the chamber and others in town.”

Samantha Lane, regional manager for Club Sports Group, praised Port’s tight-knit community.

“We can see how much everyone in the community loves Port Washington and how dedicated they are to the growth of the town in general,” she said. “We are hoping to bring that environment into the gym.”

Workout sessions include 45 minutes of high-intensity interval, circuit and functional training(s).

“A lot of group fitness right now is like ‘Alright, I’m gonna go attend a class’ but there’s no structure behind it,” she said. “Whereas, F45 is a fitness program. The athletics team puts a ton of thought and effort into the programming.”

They build each day around three categories—cardio, resistance or a combination of both. Lane said this gives workouts a purpose and lets participants see genuine progress.

“[F45] is really for everyone. If you look at one of our classes, you have college athletes, but then we also have a member who’s 78 and we also have moms that are pregnant or people coming off of injury,” she said. “Every movement can be scaled up or modified down to meet you where you’re at. It really is just a super diverse base of members.”

The training includes tasks from everyday life to improve how people function normally. Complex technology systems control workouts as TVs present a station-by-station structure of each activity.

“The screens are going to tell you when to start and stop,” said Lane. “So that our coaches in the class can focus on coaching you and being there with you throughout every single set and making sure that you get the most out of the movements.”

F45 is a judgment-free zone. Anyone interested in joining or learning more can visit their website.

“[Port Washington] is a great area,” said Lane. “Everyone we’ve met has been beyond friendly and welcoming and we are really excited to see the studio grow.”

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