Loop luxury boutique coming to Port in 2023

Loop luxury boutique coming to Port in 2023
The front of Port Washington's upcoming Loop. The new women's clothing store will open in January. (Screenshot courtesy of @gallerycouture on TikTok)

Brothers David and Afshin Haghani have run Gallery Couture in Manhasset since 1991. Together they have assembled some of the most sought-after designers in the fashion world to cater to their clientele.

This attention to service, combined with a keen sense of fashion, has earned them a loyal following. They intend to bring this passion and style to Port Washington starting in early January.

“An opportunity came up — the space was available,” Afshin Haghani said. “It was a highly coveted space with great pedigree because it was a clothing store for over 20 years before us. There was an actual clothing store there and people still talk about that space. So here we are.”

Previously, the location housed a clothing store called Entree Boutique. The new multi-brand boutique will specialize in lux casual clothing and accessories and will be on 11 Main St.

Haghani stressed they will not limit their offerings to one type of woman. Ranging from $70 to $700, he said Loop will be a place where anyone can find something fashionable, regardless of finances, size, age or design.

“We’re not gearing for just one specific type of body shape,” he said. “Or type of woman, type of lifestyle or socio-economic background.”

This eye has allowed him and his brother’s business to thrive for so long, he said. He’s working with an architect to redesign the site through an Americana lens, with the goal of creating a “lux casual vibe.”

Haghani said his goal has always been to be one step ahead of fashion trends. Not so much that customers are scared away, but an approach that is both innovative and stays within one’s comfort zone.

In particular, he is fond of what European clothing companies are producing.

“You can’t be too far ahead of the curve,” said Haghani. “You have to know when to back out from a trend. And you have to push your customers’ comfort zone because you know that six months from now, this will be trending, but she’s not aware of it yet.”

Haghani has used social media to build his brand. On TikTok, @galleycouture has gained over 53,000 followers. He said that by doing this, his brand has expanded beyond Long Island’s North Shore.

“People are making appointments and coming from Chicago because they’re coming to New York for a five-day break and they want to come shop with us,” he said. “So we’re really drawing people from everywhere and it’s not just a local clientele anymore.”

But Haghani hasn’t lost sight of beginning anew in Port Washington. While he said he already has clientele from Port, he stressed that there are many more who don’t know them and he will seek to change that.

“A lot of our customers are from Port Washington, but we know that a lot of people don’t know who we are,” he said. “We welcome them with open arms and a glass of Chardonnay and maybe some tequila.”

One can follow @loop347 on Instagram for posts and details about the new location.




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