Manorhaven mayor: 2-3 years before every street is repaved

Manorhaven mayor: 2-3 years before every street is repaved
Manorhaven Village Hall. During a board meeting on Wednesday night, the main topic of discussion was road repaving. (Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons)

Mayor Jim Avena reaffirmed Manorhaven’s commitment to repaving its roads during a Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday night.

Back in December, the village celebrated the beginning of a $6 million project that will renovate Manorhaven Boulevard. Yet, residents still had questions and concerns about the other village roads.

“From a government standpoint, that is our goal. Collectively, every person on this board, regardless of what position you have and when you’re serving, is to pave every street in Manorhaven,” Avena said. “If I had to put a timeline on it, it will probably be two or three years.”

Following this statement, resident Jacqueline Gordon asked if the village might lay out its plans, adding, “That’s the way to, you know, gain votes.”

According to Avena, as part of the effort, the engineering firm is inspecting every village road. He said that the village will inform residents of the next set of streets to which they will repave.

Another resident, Richard Li, spoke about his own experiences with potholes. He lives on Sagamore Hill Drive, and he explained that there are two large potholes in front of his house.

“You promised in the public common sessions that you will repave that particular section of Sagamore Hill Drive, so I want to know what’s happening,” he said. “Are you paving the street or are you not taking action?”

Avena stated he will consult with the board and try to solve the problem. He added he did not know what the solution would be at that moment.

“I just hope no matter who the next mayor is, they are more financially responsible,” Li remarked when the conversation momentarily shifted to a village employee who has been working remotely since October.

The next Manorhaven Board of Trustees meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 29. One can attend it in person at Village Hall or through Zoom.

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