Manorhaven to implement additional traffic signs

Manorhaven to implement additional traffic signs
The Manorhaven Board of Trustees passed multiple local laws for traffic regulation Wednesday. (Photo by Cameryn Oakes)

The Village of Manorhaven will be implementing a new No Parking sign, new handicapped parking and a new stop sign, but some residents have asked for more traffic safety measures to be taken.

The Board of Trustees voted Wednesday night to implement these three new traffic elements located in various areas of the village.

The new No Parking sign will be located on the east side of Dunwood Road in front of 18 Dunwood Road. Official and emergency vehicles are granted an exception to be able to park in the area.

Former Trustee Vincent Costa asked the board to reconsider voting on the new No Parking sign, saying that losing that parking may deter firefighters who live nearby from responding to emergencies at night.

“What about your other fireman that live down here?” Costa said.

The additional handicapped parking will be implemented on the west side of Firwood Road in front of No. 45.

The new stop sign will be located on the east side of Manhasset Avenue at the intersection of Pequot Avenue.

Mayor John Popeleski said this will give the intersection stop signs on both sides of the crosswalk, which originally just had one. He said the new sign will include flashing lights

Stone suggested that the village conduct a traffic study to address the safety of the intersection.

Manorhaven resident Richard Li also said the village should implement a traffic stop reminder with the new stop sign so drivers do not ignore it.

“Because a lot of people, unfortunately nowadays, when they drive they don’t drive,” Li said.

He also asked for speed detectors on Manhasset Avenue to address speeding.

The board also appointed Thomas Dawes to the village’s Board of Ethics, with his term ending July 1, and Edward Watt to the village’s Planning Board to complete Richard Zimbardi’s term, which is to end on July 1, 2025.

Both appointments were passed unanimously.

Trustee Jeff Stone asked whether other candidates could be submitted for appointment to the Board of Ethics, which Popeleski said could be done since the board is not full yet. Popeleski said it could be discussed at their next work session.

The board also approved a proposal by Morris Site Services to repair and reconstruct the rear wall of Village Hall. The project proposal with the company is for $18,850.

Popeleski said the back meeting room was converted from a garage, so the reconstruction will be removing the garage doors to be replaced with a cinderblock wall with brick veneer and an exterior door.

He said the project will save the village energy as it is cold in the back room with the garage doors as well as make the building look nicer.

In other news, arguments erupted during the meeting after Stone apologized for a former statement and other board members and members of the public confronted him for raising flags on the BZA appointments and 59 Orchard Beach Blvd. – a contested property proposed in the village.

Names were called and verbal attacks were launched between the board members, members of the public and Stone. At various moments the room would erupt in chatter, with multiple individuals in attendance and on the board speaking and yelling over one another. The mayor and village attorney had to call for order multiple times.

Many individuals said that Stone was operating under an agenda and was being influenced by outside individuals. Stone denied these accusations.

At one point the attorney for the owner of 59 Orchard Beach Blvd. told Stone to resign if he was concerned about legal responsibility over the property if a lawsuit were to be brought against the village, which Stone had expressed concern about.

The Manorhaven Board of Trustees will convene again at 6 p.m. on Wednesday for a work session.

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