Mary Giordano seeks fourth term with Port’s garbage district, running unopposed

Mary Giordano seeks fourth term with Port’s garbage district, running unopposed

Mary Giordano is seeking re-election for a fourth term as a commissioner with the Port Washington Garbage District and is running unopposed.

Port’s garbage district has a three-member board of commissioners elected for three-year terms.

She got involved with the district nine years ago when a friend of hers was leaving the board and she saw it as an opportunity to get involved locally.

Giordano is an attorney on Long Island.

The garbage district handles bids and contracts with waste collection companies and also acts as an intermediary between residents and the collection company.

Bids for the waste companies are put out “every third year or so” and the board  recently forged a contract with Meadow Carting, Giordano said.

Commissioners of the garbage district will assure that the contracted garbage companies “are doing what they are supposed to do,” she said.

On some occasions, the commissioners have followed the garbage trucks to ensure that they are following protocol.

In regard to disputes between residents and the collection company, Giordano said that “sometimes the haulers have mistaken, and sometimes it’s the resident.”

Oftentimes when residents say the collection agency did not pick up all their garbage, they are talking about construction materials that they put out, and the agency does not pick up this type of waste, she said.

Recycling, on the other hand, is picked up prior to the garbage truck coming around, Giordano said.

Residents of Port Washington can vote for garbage district commissioner on Tuesday from 12 noon to 9 p.m. at the Polish American Hall.

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