Port Washington North installs additional catch basins due to heavy rain fall

Port Washington North installs additional catch basins due to heavy rain fall
The Port Washington North Village Office. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

With a heavy rain season and low-performing catch basins, the Village of Port Washington North was forced to install additional basins to alleviate the effects of rain storms.

The Board of Trustees discussed the village’s response at its Tuesday night meeting, as well as public safety concerns regarding drivers not stopping at stop signs.

The village’s Public Works Department installed two additional catch basins on Angler Lane to alleviate flooding after heavy rainfall, trustees were told.

Mayor Robert Weitzner said flooding on the street was impacting parked cars, and the additional storm drains were necessary to alleviate the stresses on the street.

Superintendent of Public Works Charles “Chuck” Poole said the project “turned out to be a bigger job than originally anticipated.”

The street originally had two storm drains in place, but Weitzner said they were only working at 40% capacity.

Poole said the project, performed by John McGowan & Sons, was finished on Tuesday and is ready in anticipation of Wednesday’s rain.

The board also approved placing an order for a new truck for the Public Works Department. The truck, a Ford F250, is estimated to cost the village approximately $70,000, Weitzner said.

In other news, Trustee Matthew Kepke shared with the board that a person riding his bike was recently hit by a driver who ran a stop sign in the village. He said the biker broke his arm.

The board discussed methods to deter motor vehicle infractions in the interest of public safety, suggesting stop-sign cameras and increased policing.

“We have a problem, let’s come up with a solution,” Kepke said. “This is not a money maker, this is a protection of the public.”

Weitzner said he will look into installing stop-sign cameras, which ticket offenders who do not come to complete stops, prior to the board’s October meeting.

Stop-sign cameras have been implemented in the Village of Saddle Rock, but other villages have also considered the technology but did not move forward because of questions of legality.

The Port Washington North Board of Trustees will convene again at 7:30 on Oct. 10.

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