Port Washington North trustee Sherman Scheff dies at 88

Port Washington North trustee Sherman Scheff dies at 88
Sherman "Sherm" Scheff speaking at the Bay Walk Park Ribbon Cutting. He passed away on June 27 at 88. (Photo courtesy of Port Washington North)

Sherman “Sherm” Scheff, a Port Washington North trustee, died on June 27 at 88, according to Mayor Robert Weitzner.

Tuesday night, Weitzner opened the monthly Board of Trustees meeting with the announcement. Attendees observed a moment of silence following his remarks.

Scheff had served as a trustee from 2008 until his death.

“Ten days ago or so, we lost one of our esteemed trustees. He passed away after a short illness and fighting through other elements,” said Weitzner. “He was an outstanding individual and an outstanding trustee.”

When Mill Pond Acres Condos in Port Washington North was built, the board decided it was crucial to have a trustee from that complex. Scheff served this role.

But Traffic Safety Commissioner and Emergency Manager Steve Kaplan said that Scheff went beyond that to represent everyone.

“Every time that he spoke about Mill Pond Acres and what they needed, he was always saying, ‘Port Washington North needs this,’” he said. “It was always ‘We will need these things’ and it was never just Mill Pond Acres. He was a voice for them, but he’s a voice for us all at the same time. You’ll never be able to replace him.”

Scheff was born on April 8, 1934, in Brooklyn. He was passionate about studying and continued his education by enrolling in programs at local colleges into his 80s.

“Sherm was the one selected by their board to represent [Mill Pond Acres] and did so with dignity and class,” said Weitzner. “He was a great addition and a great balance to our board. We will have to replace him, but he will never be replaced.”

The board will start looking for a new trustee “in the next few weeks,” according to Weitzner. This fall, the village will dedicate a bench in Bay Walk Park in Scheff’s honor.

“He and I used to go to work together — we were very friendly,” Beautification Commissioner Howard Roth said. “He was a tough individual and so is his wife. She’s a very smart woman.”

Scheff passed away at his home on June 27, surrounded by his family.

He is survived by his wife of 66 years, Andrea; his children, Felice, Elene, Peter and Liz; and his grandchildren, Adam, Joshua, Olivia, Amanda, Zachary and Emily.

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