Sands Point adopts law to establish expirations on subdivision applications

Sands Point adopts law to establish expirations on subdivision applications
The Village of Sands Point Board of Trustees adopted a local law Tuesday night that amends its code on subdivisions. (Photo by Cameryn Oakes)

A new law was adopted Tuesday night by the Sands Point Board of Trustees that established time restrictions for subdivision applications in the village.

Mayor Peter Forman said that if an individual applies for a subdivision, and they don’t do anything on it for “years and years,” the application will now expire.

“This way someone can’t come back 18 years later,” Forman said.

Village attorney Michael Sahn said this law’s established time periods are consistent with New York State village law.

Sahn said the law will take effect upon filing with the Secretary of State, within a week.

The village’s public hearing for the law also included 13 other proposed laws, all amending different chapters within the village’s code, but none were adopted Tuesday night.

Another public hearing was held to establish categories of memberships, annual membership fees, guest privileges and other fees and charges for recreational facilities at The Village Club.

No member of the board nor anyone from the public spoke during the public hearing, and the proposal was adopted later in the meeting.

Representatives from Salerno Brokerage Corporation, an insurance consulting firm, made a presentation to the board of trustees about the renewal of village insurance policies from Oct. 1 through Sept. 30, 2024.

Salerno Brokerage’s services include looking into vendor agreements, reviewing policies and assisting in negotiations.

The insurance policy renewal was approved unanimously by the board.

The board also approved the appointments of two individuals as assistant building inspectors and code enforcement officers. These positions will be held by Peter Albinski, who is currently the village’s architect, and Michael Rider.

The village also authorized the purchase and installation of perimeter fencing for its new pickleball courts, which are close to being completed. Along with this approval was one for the purchase of sound attenuation panels and lighting.

Forman said the board’s approval for lighting on the pickleball courts is not to construct lighting, but rather to establish the lighting infrastructure underneath the courts in case the village chooses to add lighting in the future.

The Sands Point Board of Trustees will convene again on Oct. 23, where it will hold another public hearing for three other proposed local laws.

These laws, like the ones discussed Tuesday night, are to amend the village’s code and will concern the chapters of vehicles and traffic, zoning and licensed occupations.

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