Sands Point approves sharing water tank with Port Washington

Sands Point approves sharing water tank with Port Washington
The Village of Sands Point trustees approved Tuesday an agreement to share the South Road water tank with Port Washington Water District until a new water tank is installed in Port Washington. (Photo by Amelia Camurati)

The Village of Sands Point Board of Trustees on Tuesday approved an agreement to share the village’s water storage tank with the Port Washington Water District while a new tank is built.

Sands Point Water Commissioner Daniel Scheyer said Port Washington’s district is planning to remove an existing tank and replace it with a new tank over a period of about two years and recommended approving an agreement allowing Port Washington to use the Sands Point water tank on South Road via existing connections.

“Under similar circumstances, Port Washington permitted our village to use its wells when we were rehabilitating our South Road water tank,” Scheyer said. “This is the same kind of an issue as they did to accommodate us. It’s not going to be too long before we’re going to have to ask them the same because we’ve got to paint one of our tanks.”

Scheyer said water consumption for Sands Point in July was 63 million gallons, down from 69 million in July last year.

Trustee Peter Forman asked what kind of impact this would have on the village, and Scheyer said it should have no effect.

“They will be using our pumping, but there is no problem with respect to usage or capacity,” Scheyer said.

He said the two villages use the same aquifer and have a long-standing history of cooperating with each other during times of need.

“Our water department and Port’s have had a long history of cooperation, and we’re only too happy to help them out as they’ve been able to help us when we need it in a variety of ways,” Mayor Edward Adler said.

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