Sands Point shortens term reapproval to a year

Sands Point shortens term reapproval to a year
Sands Point Village Hall. Rebecca Vitas Schamis and Sloane Ackerman won seats as trustees for Sands Point on Tuesday after running unopposed. (Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons)

The Sands Point Board of Trustees voted 4-1 to shorten the reapproval terms of appointed board members to one year during a meeting on Tuesday night.

The time before the reapproval of an alternate member of an appointed organized board, commission or committee was three years.

Jeffrey Moslow, the deputy mayor and financial commissioner, explained how a lack of diligence by volunteer members had a factor in this decision.

“I would be in favor of going to a one year,” he said. “To bounce all the different issues and just trying to clean up these committees in an expeditious manner.”

This decision, according to Mayor Peter Forman, was also intended to encourage those who were hesitant to sign up for a multi-year term to “find out it’s good service, good to the village and not onerous.”

When the issue was put to a vote, Rita Sethi, the building commissioner, was the only one who objected.

“There’s a reason why Article III judges have lifetime appointments,” she said. “And that is that it allows them the freedom and the latitude to be able to make decisions in accordance with their principles and the policies and vision that are set out.”

Sethi also explained that longer terms allow individuals to be free of political or personal pressure while deciding.

The Sands Point Board of Trustees will meet again at Village Hall on Tuesday, June 21. It will occur after the village election, which will take place from noon to 9 p.m.

Correction: a previous version of this article incorrectly stated Sethi’s words as “our three judges” rather than “Article III judges.”

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