The calm after the storm: Manorhaven officials embrace after elections

The calm after the storm: Manorhaven officials embrace after elections
Manorhaven's Board of Trustees during their June 29 meeting. Trustees John Popeleski and Rita Di Lucia virtually attended the meeting. (Photo by Steven Keehner)

Manorhaven officials thanked one another for their work during a Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday night.

The meeting marked the end of a chapter in the village’s political history. As of July 6, current Trustee John Popeleski will take over as mayor in place of six-year incumbent Jim Avena.

Board members, including Popeleski, expressed their gratitude during the public comment session. Through Zoom, which was also used to stream the event, Deputy Mayor Rita Di Lucia and he took part in the meeting.

“I’m looking forward to working with my new team and the residents,” he said. “And Mr. Mayor, I want to thank you for all the knowledge that you have given me through the years.”

Popeleski and his allies from The People’s Working Party defeated Avena and Di Lucia on June 21, winning all three available seats.

He had referred to the $5,000 fine imposed by the village’s ethics board as an “intricate scheme” by Avena, which increased the animosity of the campaign.

“It’s knowledge that I’m going to move forward in keeping going with all the projects we have in the village,” said Popeleski. “And I just really want to say thank you.”

Avena then thanked him. He sent his best wishes to him and the new administration.

Di Lucia also shared her gratitude to the village for allowing her to serve.

“My dedication to this community will not falter, because I am not going to neglect Manorhaven,” she said. “I’m continuing to be an active and informative resident.”

After Di Lucia’s comment, Avena joked, saying, “I’m taking the opposite. You will never see me again.”

Before the public comments, the board approved several tree permits. They also passed a resolution that allows the village clerk-treasurer to solicit and receive sealed bids for the sanitary sewer rehabilitation project.

The Board of Trustees will meet again on July 27. It will take place at Village Hall and be broadcasted online.

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