Wife of ex-Port North trustee replaces him

Wife of ex-Port North trustee replaces him
The Port Washington North Village Office. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Andrea Scheff, the wife of former Port Washington North trustee Sherman “Sherm” Scheff, who died in June, was appointed to fill his vacancy on the village board in October.

Sherman died on June 27 at 88.

Serving the village from 2008 until his death, officials agreed not to fill his vacant seat right away. Mayor Robert Weitzner and others eventually approached his wife about the opportunity to succeed him, which she accepted.

“I’m proud to be on [the village board],” Andrea Scheff said. “And I am really proud of how this board works because I’ve heard about it for years.”

Scheff said she knew how hard the village board worked through listening to her husband speak on the issues. Weitzner added that her appointment checks several boxes, including honoring Sherman while bringing in someone familiar with the village.

“She knows peripherally a lot more than most people. There was also a set a sense of Mill Pond Acres, that they were uniformly thrilled with her representing them,” he said. “And I mean, she’s just a natural. Frankly, the only question was if she was going to accept?”

He emphasized the importance of having a representative from Mill Pond Acres condos on the board.

“We’re thrilled to continue to have representation of Mill Pond Acres on our board, which is extremely important and something that has to be,” said Weitzner. “It’s not mandated. We don’t have council districts, but balance is important. It’s fair to represent the village as a whole.”

Scheff said she intends to run for re-election this spring after fulfilling the rest of her husband’s term.


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