Altai Balance Reviews – My Results! Side Effects And Complaints

Altai Balance Reviews – My Results! Side Effects And Complaints

Altai Balance is a dietary supplement that claims to reset the blood sugar levels for people with diabetes. A new supplement with so many promises and claims in the market but is it another scam? Does it really work? Are there any side effects? How can supplements cure diabetes?

We understand your concerns when it comes to consuming blood sugar control supplements, and that is why we are here to help you guide you through our detailed Altai Balance reviews. Keep reading till the end to get yourself aware if you can invest in this supplement or not!

Product Name Altai Balance
Category Blood Sugar Support
Ingredients Chromium, Biotin, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Amino Acids, Licorice root extract, Cinnamon bark extract, Bitter melon fruit and Banaba leaf extract
Dosage One Pill A Day
Pros Support healthy blood sugar levels for both men and women, Helps in a healthy cardiovascular system and better brain functioning
Refund Policy 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Official Website Click Here

What is Altai Balance?

Altai Balance is a safe formula that claims to reset the blood sugar levels of the body among other benefits. The formula is created by clinical research team which deals in health and wellness products. The manufacturers of this dietary supplement claim that it helps to balance the disturbed blood sugar levels keeping them at a balanced scale and helping in diabetes.

Altai Balance promises that its effective formula is made from natural ingredients and plant extracts. Extensive research material is available on each ingredient online that supports wonderful benefits to help people with diabetes.

Altai Balance comes in tablet forms. Each bottle has 30 tablets and you are supposed to take one tablet per day after your meal. The manufacturers claim to keep taking the supplement for at least 180 days to see drastic changes.

How can Altai Balance help in diabetes?

34.2 million people in this world suffer from diabetes. Recent studies show that there is a spike in diabetes patients around the globe that can not only disturb the healthy lifestyle of the individual but also affects vision, kidney functioning, stroke, heart attack, and slow recovery phases after an injury.

It is a disease that needs lifetime medication and treatment so that an individual can live a happy life. Altai Balance claims that it can reset the blood sugar levels in the body making it easier for a person to enjoy a healthy and prosperous life.

Altai Balance has 19 magical plant-based ingredients in its formula that work together to help in the production of insulin and leptin, the two major hormonal blockages when it comes to diabetes. Once, your body starts getting enough nutrients and boosters to keep working efficiently, your body starts responding to the ingredients and balances the blood sugar levels.

Do consult your doctor if you’re pregnant or a nursing mother, or having a serious medical issue. Even if a supplement seems safe to use, you still need a consultation about it.

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What are the benefits of Altai Balance?

Altai Balance claims to solve other issues of the body other than just being a blood sugar control supplement. Let’s see what else does it claims to do:

  • Helps in weight loss

Altai Balance also claims to help you lose weight as it is one of the necessary things when you have diabetes. People with more weight also face extreme issues in losing weight as the metabolism process becomes slow and they are unable to control their cravings and hunger pangs due to insulin deficiency and imbalanced blood sugar levels.

These conditions lead to eating disorders, unnecessary munching on snacks, or overeating which ultimately causes weight gain. Altai Balance claims that the formula also helps to reduce weight healthily without any effort.

  • Supports a healthy heart and brain

The major thing Altai Balance does is the detoxification of the bloodstream. Once the particulate matter is detoxified from the body, the blood circulation is maximized allowing the blood to reach all parts of the body. It helps in a healthy cardiovascular system and better brain functioning.

A healthy heart and a healthy brain are what we need today and Altai Balance claims that it can work the magic for you if you will be consistent in your dosage.

  • Provides Energy

Altai Balance has 19 certain ingredients that are a major source of vitamins and minerals. The dietary supplement also provides energy to your body and that is why customers feel active after taking the tablet. You will also feel a good mood and activeness in your routine.

Are the ingredients in Altai Balance safe?

Altai Balance claims to use 100% safe ingredients in its formula that are plant-based. There is no use of steroids, stimulants, or chemicals in the formula as it is GMP and FDA approved. The quality of the formula and production is ensured to provide the best to the users.

Following is a list of ingredients being used in Altai Balance:

  • Chromium
  • Biotin
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Amino Acids
  • Licorice root extract
  • Cinnamon bark extract
  • Bitter melon fruit
  • Banaba leaf extract
  • Yarrow aerial
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Juniper berries
  • Gymnema leaf
  • Vanadyl sulfate
  • White mulberry leaf extract


Chromium is one of the popular ingredients that are widely used in blood sugar control supplements and diabetes medications. People with diabetes fail to produce enough chromium which is needed for the body to have a balanced flow of blood sugar levels and that is why they are put on chromium supplements to meet the deficiency.

Altai Balance has met up the required amount of chromium in the body allowing it to have balanced blood sugar levels. 714% of chromium is given to the body after consuming Altai Balance and this is significantly a good amount of the required dosage.

Plant Herbs and Extracts:

Altai Balance has a huge amount of plants herbs and extracts that have a beneficial effect on the body. A lot of research material is available on these herbs and extracts and proved to be beneficial for the body. Licorice root extract, Cinnamon bark extract, Bitter melon fruit, Banaba leaf extract, Yarrow aerial, Cayenne pepper,  Juniper berries, Gymnema leaf, Vanadyl sulfate, and White mulberry leaf extract work together to reset the blood sugar levels and help people with diabetes and insulin resistance.

Alpha Lipoic Acid:

Alpha-lipoic acid or ALA is a popular ingredient found in all diabetes supplements and medicines. It helps diabetic patients to have balanced blood sugar levels among other benefits. The dosage of ALA is very less as compared to the required dosage by the scientists so we can’t say how effective it is in the Altai Balance formula, still, it seems good that a diabetic-friendly ingredient is available even if it is in minute quantity.

Amino Acids:

Altai Balance also claims to support healthy heart and brain functions and give enough energy to the body. It contains Taurine and other amino acids in the formula that boosts up the body’s functioning making it able to efficiently perform its functions.

These amino acids are also found in certain pre and post-workout energy drinks where they meet up the required energy levels. Amino acids basically break down the protein in our body into energy compounds and it does the same for your body and that is why you feel active with better heart and brain health.

Vitamins and Minerals:

Altai Balance contains the following vitamins and minerals that keep up with the deficiency. At times, we are unable to consume the required amount of vitamins and minerals and end up being sick but Altai Balance gives you energy and a strong immune system.

  • 250mg of chromium
  • 50mg of vitamin C
  • 300mg of biotin
  • 50mg of magnesium
  • 15mg of zinc
  • 5mg of vitamin E
  • 1mg of manganese

Altai Balance Scam Or Legit

Is Altai Balance another scam?

Altai Balance has no clinical trials mentioned on their website not there are any diabetic experts or researchers mentioned on their board so it becomes a little doubtful about the authenticity of the supplement. Though the formula is FDA approved and has GMP certification which means it surpasses the issues of having safe and risk-free ingredients.

People still want to consume supplements that are genuinely authentic, are licensed, have all certifications, and most importantly have gone through clinical trials. After all, it is their health they are talking about.

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Altai Balance – Should you invest

Altai Balance claims to reset the blood sugar levels that get affected due to diabetes. The long list of ingredients used in the formula seems nice as they are plant-based herbs, extracts, vitamins, or minerals but there are some issues in the dosage of these ingredients.

A lot of ingredients are available in very minute quantities and scientific research on these ingredients does not support beneficial effects in diabetes in such small quantities. The major ingredients like chromium are enriched in the required amount needed by the body but the efficiency of other ingredients is questionable as they are in small quantities.

Overall, if you want to spend $49 on a bottle of Altai Balance that will last a month, we would suggest investing in some other blood sugar control supplement rather than Altai Balance. There are plenty of diabetes supplements in the market with better ingredients and clinical trials rather than this.

We hope that our Altai Balance review would help you decide if Altai Balance is worth the money or not. Let us know if you found our review helpful.

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