Best THCV Edibles

Best THCV Edibles

Best THCV Edibles

If you are looking for an extremely mild high, much milder than regular THC, you might want to look into THCV or Tetrahydrocannabivarin.

THCV is very closely related to regular Delta-9 THC, and it is a cannabinoid found in some hemp and marijuana plants. This is a relatively rarely occurring cannabinoid, and when it is found in plants, it is generally in very low concentrations.

That said, due to the myriad of possible benefits that THCV might have for the human mind and body, as well as its very mild psychotropic high, many people are beginning to prefer it over regular THC.

Today, we want to take a closer look at what exactly THCV is, what the possible benefits are, and what some of the best THCV edibles are. Let’s help you find some of the best THCV gummies.


Key Takeaways

  • THCV stands for Tetrahydrocannabivarin.
  • THCV is found in hemp plants and a small portion of cannabis plants.
  • THCV may be able to help reduce appetite, inflammation, hyperactivity, and more.
  • Mellow Fellow Wellness – Burn Blend is our top pick for the best THCV edible.


A Quick Look at the Best THCV Edibles

Here are the top ten best THCV edibles out there right now.

What Are THCV Edibles?

As far as edibles are concerned, if we are talking about hemp or marijuana extracts, these are food items that are infused with various cannabinoids. In this case, we are of course talking about the cannabinoid THCV.

THCV edibles could come in the form of gummy candies, brownies, cookies, lollipops, or anything in between. It’s a food of any kind infused with THCV.

THCV is quite similar to the cannabinoid most people are familiar with Delta-9 THC, as it is an analog of THC. It contains A 3-carbon side chain as opposed to the regular 5-carbon side chain of THC. THCV is found in just about 1% of cannabis plants, and is more often found in hemp plants.

It is an extremely rare cannabinoid and, when it does occur naturally, it’s usually found in low concentrations. That said, unlike some other forms of THC that are derived from CBD due to their rarity and low concentrations, THCV is actually directly extracted from the plant. It is then turned into a concentrate and then infused into edibles.

Benefits of THCV Gummies

Before we start talking about the various benefits of these THCV gummies, let’s clarify that THCV is not very psychoactive. THCV is still somewhat psychoactive, though it is less potent than Delta-8 THC, which itself is significantly weaker than Delta-9 THC.

Therefore, although THCV can produce a very mild psychoactive high, you would have to consume THCV in unrealistically large quantities to achieve the same effects as regular THC.

As for its wellness benefits, it’s important to note that there is a lot more research required on this front. Still, THCV is thought to have a potential for a wide variety of benefits for both the human mind and body. Let’s take a quick look at what these could possibly be.

Appetite Control

One of the benefits that this particular cannabinoid is thought to have is that it may be able to help curb your appetite and reduce hunger cravings. It could therefore help you manage your weight. At the same time, it may also help to prevent the munchies from occurring, unlike regular THC which famously sends you scouring for snacks.

A Mild High

Some people like THCV because when consumed in high quantities, it does still produce a light high. However, as stated above, this high is not nearly as strong or intense as that of THC. Therefore, if you are looking for a really light buzz, then some THCV gummies are definitely something worth trying out.

An Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory

It is also thought that THCV, somewhat similar to CBD, acts as both an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory. In other words, it may help to manage free radicals as well as soothe various types of joint pain.

Energy and Impulsivity

It is also thought that THCV may be able to help decrease hyperactivity, while simultaneously helping to increase motivation and energy. 

What to Look for When Choosing THCV Edibles

Before going out and purchasing THCV edibles, there are a few important things to look out for.

THCV Dosage

One of the most important considerations is how much THCV is contained in the edibles. Some gummies may contain as little as 5 milligrams of THCV, whereas others may contain 100 milligrams or more. The higher the dosage, the more you will feel.

THCV Purity and Ingredients

You should always purchase THCV edibles that have been third-party lab tested for purity. You also want the edibles in question to have a limited amount of other ingredients. Sure, a bit of flavoring, sugar, and even some added vitamins and minerals are acceptable. However, you don’t want your gummies to have any potentially harmful substances or useless fillers. 

Other Cannabinoids

You’ll also want to pay attention to any other potential cannabinoids contained in the THCV edibles. Some edibles may only contain THCV, whereas others might contain THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids too. Remember that each cannabinoid has a different effect on the mind and body, so this is something you need to pay attention to.

The Brand

As you can probably guess, another big consideration here is the brand name. There are some brand names that are well-known for THCV edibles. Furthermore, some brand names are more reputable than others, have better selections, better prices, and so on. Needless to say, we absolutely recommend choosing some of the brands that we have reviewed today.


Of course, you do always want to pay attention to the cost of the product in question. It is not unheard of for various retailers to charge vastly different prices for similar products.

Customer Reviews

The other thing you might want to pay attention to is customer reviews. If 100 people say that a certain THCV edible is really good, then you can assume that it is the real deal. Never discount what people say about a specific product. If there are plenty of negative reviews about one THCV product, it’s probably worth paying attention to.

Best THCV Edibles

Now, let’s take a closer look at the very best THCV edibles that the market has to offer. Let’s start with our number one pick.

Mellow Fellow Wellness: Burn Blend THCv Gummies

Mellow Fellow THCv Gummies

About the Product

Mellow Fellow Wellness Gummies in the 300mg Burn Blend Tropic Medley flavor offer a unique THCv experience. Each container holds 30 gummies, with each gummy containing 10mg of THCv. These gummies are specially formulated with rapid-release THCv for weight loss, increased focus, and an overall mood boost.

About the Brand

Mellow Fellow is a brand that focuses on wellness through cannabinoids. Their products are federally legal, lab-tested, and formulated by a PhD pharmacist, ensuring quality and safety.


The gummies come in a Tropic Medley flavor, promising a delicious tropical paradise experience. While the specific taste notes are not detailed, the name suggests a blend of tropical fruits.


With 10mg of THCv per gummy and 30 gummies per container, these gummies offer a potent and consistent dosage. The rapid-release formula ensures quick effects.


These THCv gummies are designed for weight loss, increased focus, and an overall mood boost. The rapid-release THCv ensures that the effects are felt quickly.

Wellness Benefits

The product is formulated for various wellness benefits including weight loss and focus enhancement. It’s also lab-tested and pharmacist-formulated, adding an extra layer of credibility and safety.


  • High Potency: 10mg of THCv per gummy ensures a potent experience.
  • Quality Assurance: Lab-tested and pharmacist-formulated.
  • Flavorful Experience: Tropic Medley flavor for a delightful taste.
  • Wellness Benefits: Designed for weight loss and focus enhancement.


  • Price: Regular price is $59.99, which may be considered high for some.
  • Limited Flavor Options: Only available in Tropic Medley.
  • Age Restriction: Must be 21 years old or older to purchase.

Why Mellow Fellow is the Best Pick for Best THCv Edibles

Mellow Fellow Wellness Gummies stand out for their high potency, quality assurance, and wellness benefits. The rapid-release THCv formula makes it unique and highly effective for weight loss and focus, making it an ideal candidate for an article about the best THCv edibles.

Dragon Hemp Energy Gummies: Best Cannabinoid Blend


Energy Gummies

Energy Gummies come to us from the Dragon Hemp. If you know a thing or two about edibles, you know that this brand is up there with the best of them. Dragon Hemps products are formulated for wellness by wellness practitioners, making them the top choice for quality and effectiveness. With Energy Gummies, you get a total of 30 gummies, each containing a total of 5 milligrams of THCV and 5 milligrams of CBC.

CBC is a cannabinoid that is not psychoactive but is known to boost the benefits and effects of other cannabinoids, in this case, THCV. As you can probably tell from the name, the effect you’ll feel from these edibles is a boost of energy and focus without caffeine. These gummies are also low in sugar, organically grown, and vegan with a bonus effect of staving off the munchies.

Why Dragon Hemp is a Wellness Brand to Watch out For

One of the reasons why this Dragon Hemp is so highly trusted is because the vast majority of products are conceived and created by its founder Kevin Menard. Kevin is a certified sports medicine acupuncturist. Meaning that each product is formulated by a trusted wellness professional.

Dragon Hemp’s ingredients are organically grown, pesticide-free, and all-natural with no GMOs. All products are third-party tested for purity and safety. Between their high-quality products and  a multitude of awesome reviews from satisfied customers, it’s hard not to trust this brand name.

Joy Organics Sunshine Passionfruit THCV Gummies “Best Naturally Flavored THCV”Joy Organics - THCV Edible - Joy Nutrition THCV Gummies - Sunshine Passionfruit - 10mg

Joy Organics Sunshine Passionfruit THCV Gummies have a really enjoyable passion fruit flavor. These are pure THCV gummies that do not contain any other cannabinoids. Here, you get a total of 10 gummies with 100 milligrams of THCV or 10 milligrams of THCV per serving. If you want something that might produce a very slight psychoactive high, but will mostly work to provide you with a lot of energy and focus, then these gummies are worth checking out. As you can probably tell from the name, they are 100% organic. As an added bonus, this might also just be the best THCV for weight loss out there.

Mellow Fellow Clarity HHC & THCv Gummy: “Best THCv Edible for Focus”

Mellow Fellow THCv Edible

About the Clarity Blend Gummy

Clarity Blend Fruit Punch Infused Gummies by Mellow Fellow offer a unique blend of cannabinoids including THCv, HHC, Delta 8, CBD, and CBG. Each bag contains two gummies, with a total blend content of 100mg and 50mg per gummy. These gummies are designed to elevate your edible experience with a mouthwatering blend of refreshing fruits.

About Mellow Fellow

Mellow Fellow is a wellness-focused brand that offers a wide range of cannabinoid-infused products. All their offerings are federally legal, lab-tested, and formulated by a PhD pharmacist, ensuring both quality and safety.


The gummies come in a Fruit Punch flavor, promising a delightful blend of refreshing fruits. The taste is designed to be mouthwatering and enjoyable with each bite.


With 50mg of a premium blend of cannabinoids per gummy, these edibles are quite potent. The blend includes THCv, HHC, Delta 8, CBD, and CBG, offering a comprehensive cannabinoid experience.


The gummies are formulated to hit the spot, offering a unique blend of effects due to the various cannabinoids present. While specific effects are not detailed, the blend suggests a balanced and elevated experience.

Wellness Benefits

The product is designed for overall wellness, offering a blend of cannabinoids each known for specific health benefits, such as focus enhancement, relaxation, and mood boost.


  • Multi-Cannabinoid Blend: Offers a comprehensive cannabinoid experience.
  • High Potency: 50mg blend content per gummy.
  • Quality Assurance: Lab-tested and pharmacist-formulated.
  • Tasty Flavor: Fruit Punch flavor for a delightful experience.


  • Price: Regular price is $4.99 for just two gummies.
  • Age Restriction: Must be 21 years or older to purchase.

Why This is THCv Deserved to Be on Your List

Clarity Blend Fruit Punch Infused Gummies stand out for their unique multi-cannabinoid blend and high potency. The inclusion of THCv along with other cannabinoids like Delta 8 and CBD makes it a comprehensive choice for those looking to explore the full spectrum of cannabinoid benefits. This makes it an excellent candidate for an article focusing on the best THCv edibles.

Delta XL THC Gummies: “Best Terpene Rich THCV”

Delta 10 Blue Raspberry Gummy Rings 500mg 15ct Delta XL

Here we have some awesome blue Raspberry THC gummies. They are made with US grown hemp, are all-natural, and have been proven safe in the lab. You can choose between 15 gummies with a total of 500 milligrams or a total of 30 gummies with 1000 milligrams. As the name implies, these gummies contain a whole lot of natural terpenes and have a very strong flavor that most people enjoy. They’re as tasty as they are bright and colorful.

Trippy Sugar Delta-8 & THCV Cactus Kool Tripsters Gummies: “Best Live Resin THCV”

Tripsters Cactus Kool Gummies

Here we have some gummies that feature a combination of live resin THCV with Delta-8 THC. These are actually some pretty strong gummies. Each gummy contains a whopping 125 milligrams of Delta-8 THC along with 25 milligrams of THCV. The Delta-8 THC provides a bit of a buzz, whereas the THCV helps to provide you with some energy, focus, and a bit of appetite suppression. These gummies come in a variety of flavors from orange to pineapple.

AltRx THCV Gummies: “Best Free Shipping THCV”


AltRx THCV Gummies feature an enjoyable fruit punch flavor. These gummies contain just THCV, so they are not particularly psychoactive. However, they can help produce a sense of focus, concentration, and energy, while also helping to curb your appetite. You can choose from a 5-count, 10-count, and 20-count package, all of which feature gummies that contain 10 milligrams of THCV per piece.

Rare Cannabinoid Company THCV EDIBLE: “Best Extra Strength THCV”


Rare Cannabinoid Company THCV EDIBLE is a potent choice. You’ll get 15 gummies for a total of 375 milligrams of THCV. Each gummy features 25 milligrams of THCV, which is on the higher level of dosage for edibles. These particular gummies have the refreshing taste of lemon. They are said to be excellent at helping to increase energy and weight loss.

Creating Better Days THCV Gummies: “Best Fruit Flavored”

THC Gummies - Fruit Punch THCV Gummies - Creating Better Days


These are some really tasty fruit punch THCV gummies. As far as taste is concerned, these have to be some of the most enjoyable hemp gummies out there. They are filled with 10 milligrams of THCV per gummy, for a total of 100 milligrams across the 10 gummies. These sweet treats are said to help enhance focus, improve mood, and increase energy.

3Chi Blue Raspberry Gummies: “Best Budget Brand”

Delta 8 THCV Gummy Blue Raspberry 10Pack 600x758 1

If you are looking for something that won’t cost you a fortune, then these super tasty blue Raspberry gummies might be right for you. Each of these gummies comes complete with 10 milligrams of THCV combined with 20 milligrams of delta 8 THC.

The Delta-8 THC is going to give you a bit of a high, whereas the THCV is going to help produce a sense of focus, energy, creativity, and concentration. These gummies have also received rave reviews on their flavor. What’s more, you get free shipping, discrete packaging, and all products are third-party lab tested.

CGO JGO Orange Creamsicle THC-V Gummy: “Best Lab tested THCV”

If you like orange creamsicle, then you will really like these particular gummies. These gummies feature a whopping 750 milligrams of THCV across the board, with each one having 25 milligrams. There are 30 pieces contained in the package. If you are looking for the biggest bang for your buck, this is actually one of the best deals on the list today. That’s a whole lot of THCV for a very limited price, not to mention that everything is third-party lab tested, and verified. This product is also made in the USA, from a brand that’s served over half a million satisfied customers.

Koi THCV + ACV Gummies: “Honorable Mention”

Koi THCV + ACV Gummies

What we have here are some gummies that contain both THCV and ACV. Each gummy contains a total of 10 milligrams of THCV and a whopping 30 milligrams of ACV. There are twenty gummies contained in each package, for a total of 200 milligrams of THCV and 600 milligrams of apple cider vinegar. Yes, these two ingredients together can provide you with energy and focus. If apple cider vinegar sounds a little too sour for you, we should note that these gummies actually come in an enjoyable strawberry acai flavor.


How to Use THCV Gummies

It is recommended that you take THCV gummies after a small meal. Furthermore, they aren’t overly potent, so you don’t have to worry about any intense psychoactive effects. However, you may still feel a bit of a psychoactive effect, so you should start slow. It is recommended that you start with no more than 10 milligrams of THCV, see how it affects you, and then go from there.

Will THCV Edibles Make You High?

THCV is not a very potent cannabinoid, although it may still have some very mild psychoactive effects. Therefore, it really shouldn’t get you high unless you consume a great quantity of it.

How Long Does it Take for THCV to Kick In?

Just like other cannabinoids when consumed in edible form, it should take anywhere between 30 minutes and 90 minutes for THCV to reach its peak effect.

Is THCV Safe?

Besides some very mild side effects, mainly related to gastrointestinal discomfort, THCV that is third-party tested and approved should be perfectly safe.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line here is that there are plenty of awesome THCV edibles for you to check out. There are plenty of different dosage options, flavors, and cannabinoid combinations to consider. THCV has a myriad of possible benefits, plus when consumed in the right quantities, it can produce a very enjoyable yet mild high.


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