Best Women’s Golf Clubs for Beginners

Best Women’s Golf Clubs for Beginners


As rewarding as golf can be, it’s not without challenges. If you’re a woman just starting out and aren’t sure where to begin, making sure you have the right equipment that suits your needs and skill levels is always a good place to start.

Historically, golf was a men’s game meant for the elite and created by a male-dominated world, but in the last few generations, women have made their way onto the green and are now able to play golf nearly anywhere and be crowned world champions. 

While good equipment can help you learn and develop new skills, subpar clubs can do the opposite. Before you start swinging and putting away, take a look at some of the best options out there when it comes to women’s golf clubs for beginners. 

What are the Best Women’s Golf Clubs? 

The best women’s golf clubs for beginners are those that allow you to grow and still feel comfortable while honing your skills while still being forgiving. Here are some tips when looking for the best ladies’ golf clubs:

  • Clubs with a larger “sweet spot”, or the clubface, will make it easier for you to swing long and accurate shots by being more forgiving due to the larger club-to-ball contact area. 
  • Here’s another tip for the clubface: getting clubs with more loft, AKA the angle of the clubface, can make the golf ball go higher and longer with less power, which can be extremely helpful if you’re a beginner. 
  • Golf clubs tend to be expensive, so make sure you’re getting enough bang for your buck. While you want quality products, do keep in mind whether or not golfing is going to be a long-term hobby or just an occasional pursuit and factor that into your decision when buying clubs. 

Best Women’s Golf Club Sets for Beginners 

If you’re looking for a full ladies’ golf club set that’s suitable for beginners and semi-beginners, here are our recommendations: 

Robin Golf – Women’s Essentials 9 Club Golf Set

Robin Golf is the OG when it comes to beginner-friendly products that allow you to have quality products without completely breaking the bank. The Robin Golf Women’s Essentials 9 Club Golf Set is a match made in heaven for women entering the golfing world. 

This set of nine essential clubs will have you ready to get on the green and swing to your heart’s content. Designed with high-quality materials that factor in performance and forgiveness, you’ll be able to up your game and learn. This is what you’ll get in the set:

  • An all-titanium driver 
  • A graphite and stainless steel hybrid
  • A sleek fairway wood
  • Three irons and a pitching wedge (5/7/9/P)
  • A sand wedge to get you out of the desert
  • A steel putter that delivers accuracy

Wilson – Women’s Profile SGI Complete Set

When it comes to a women’s beginner set, Wilson Women’s Profile SGI Complete Set is a great option. The aggressive design might seem overwhelming, but the lightweight components, improved trajectory and accuracy, and maximized distance technology make this set stand out. Specially designed to match women’s physical geometries, this set will help you get the most out of your game.

Top Flite – Women’s XL Complete Set

Top Flite Women’s XL Complete Set has it all. The complete club set boasts high-quality components like a titanium composite head Driver that’s as big as allowed by the USGA for greater distance and forgiveness, a low-profile fairway wood, a 5H hybrid with the accuracy of an iron, wide sole stainless steel irons with a low center of gravity, an alignment putter for perfect aim, matching head covers, and a handy bag to carry it all (plus, available in different fun colors because golf doesn’t have to be boring). 

Callaway – Women’s Solaire 11-Piece Complete Set

If you’re looking for an all-in-one purchase, Callaway Women’s Solaire 11-Piece Complete Set has got you covered. Engineered for women on the golf course, this stylish and performance-enhancing set maximizes consistency, allows for higher launch and forgiveness, maximizes playability, and offers amazing quality with a range of drivers, hybrids, irons, wedges, a lightweight cart bag, and head covers. 

TaylorMade – Women’s 2022 Kalea 11-Piece Set

The TaylorMade Women’s 2022 Kalea 11-Piece Set was tailor-made (ha!) for the ladies who want to get on the green. As they say, this set is made for more. Each club is optimized for length, loft, and design for gapping, technology is packed into every club to increase forgiveness, increase higher launch, maximize ball speed, provide an ultra-low CB, and glide through the turf with a patented V Steel™ Sole Design.

Best Women’s Driver for Beginners

Robin Golf – The Distance Set

We’re starting off strong with one of the main clubs: drivers. If you’re just starting out, there’s no better option than Robin Golf The Distance Set. This set includes three clubs that’ll help you swing away while being forgiving, with an all-titanium driver, a sleek graphite wood fairway swing, and a graphite and steel hybrid that, along with leather head covers to keep your drivers safe and sound at any time. You can’t go wrong with this three-set of clubs that makes golfing a breeze. 

Mizuno – Ladies ST-X Driver

Another great driver option is the Mizuno Ladies ST-X Driver. This driver is constructed by a draw-biased carbon composite that has a heel-side sole weight, making balance easier. This is a level-up from Mizuno’s previous drivers and can deliver potent ball speed and consistent performance over time. 

Wilson – Women’s Launch Pad Driver

Wilson has made a name for itself – and for good reason. A great beginner driver is the Wilson Women’s Launch Pad Driver. This customizable driver is packed with game-improvement features that make it very forgiving and super fast, letting you reach your A-game and consistently get better.

Callaway – Women’s Epic Max Driver

Callaway is another one of those brands that scream golf in and out. For ladies who are just beginning, the Callaway Women’s Epic Max Driver has got your back. The technology behind this driver is epic: the Jailbreak A.I. Speed Frame makes for speedy golfballs, the A.I.-designed Flash Face promotes fastballs over a larger area, Epic MAX is forgiving thanks to the light and strong Triaxial crown, and an adjustable perimeter weighter help customizes every swing. 

PING – Women’s G Le 2.0 Driver

Who said you have to give up functionality for aesthetics? PING Women’s G Le 2.0 Driver proves you can have a feminine touch of pink coloring along with exceptional craftsmanship that improves performance consistently and is forgiving, allowing beginners to gain speed and learn as they play with this high-quality driver. 

Best Women’s Irons for Beginners 

Robin Golf – The Fairway Set

We’re entering the world of irons, an essential in any ladies’ golf club set. The best of the best is Robin Golf The Fairway Set, no questions asked. This set of four clubs includes 5, 7, and 9 irons to help you finesse it to the green, along with a pitching wedge that’ll take your game over the edge. Plus, the 90-day guarantee means you can try these out guilt- and risk-free so all your doubts will be overshadowed by the quality and artistry of this set of irons by Robin Golf. 

Mizuno – Ladies Pro 221 Irons

The Mizuno Ladies Pro 221 Irons are inspired by the iconic blades of Mizuno past, but along with the evolution and innovation of what the new and improved world has to offer with incremental refinements in shape and weight placements that make these irons more playable and forgiving for the budding pro.

Wilson – D9 Women’s Irons

Ladies strong as iron deserve irons that serve their strength. Check out Wilson D9 Women’s Irons, which are designed to be balanced and weighted to optimize power even with lower swing speeds, delivering great stopping power and pinpoint accuracy. The strategic urethane-filled power holes enable maximum face flex for improved speeds and an expanded sweet spot that’s impossible to miss. 

Titleist – Women’s T300 Iron Set

Titleist Women’s T300 Iron Set is the ultimate game improvement iron. With 40% more tungsten to improve the center of gravity and advanced Max Impact technology, these irons can help you improve your launch, distance, and shot while still being forgiving and challenging you to become better at every swing. Every detail matters, which is why the design is made to help you improve and learn along the way without sacrificing high-quality and pro-level irons.

Cobra – Women’s Air X Hybrids/Irons

The Cobra Women’s Air X Hybrids/Irons set is as good as it gets. Not only do you get Air-X irons that use a lighter head, shaft, and grip for a lighter feel and easier swing along with an unbeatable design for accuracy and strength, but the Air-X Hybrid enhances ball speed and creates stability on off-center hits so that even when you miss, you don’t really miss. 

Best Women’s Putter for Beginners

Robin Golf – The Sink It Set

Every golfer needs putters – no matter the skill level or experience. For newbie ladies, Robin Golf The Sink It Set has got it all under control. You’ll get a graphite shaft and light sand wedge to help get you out of the dunes and onto the green, and a putter that beats anything you’ve seen in mini-golf (obviously), with improved accuracy and control so you can get nip it in the bud. 

Odyssey – Women’s Stroke Lab Seven Putter

Odyssey Women’s Stroke Lab Seven Putter is revolutionary, iconic, and innovative. The multi-material Stroke Lab shaft design helps improve tempo and consistency, engineered to make you a better golfer. In fact, this legendary putter has helped the brand become the number one putter on every tour, so there’s no reason not to include this one in your collection of clubs, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player. 

Wilson – Women’s Infinite Buckingham Putter

Wilson Women’s Infinite Buckingham Putter is built for a golf queen – which you’re sure to become. The reduced glare accentuates sight lines, while counter-balanced technology helps provide more control. The double-milled face promotes consistent impact and distance, all while simplifying alignment and allowing you to play at your best without any distractions. 

Mizuno – Ladies Omoi Putters

When it comes to putters, you’ll want to take a look at Mizuno Ladies Omoi Putters. There are three available options:

  • Omoi Type 3 with heavyweight stability and a renowned and precise look and feel, made out of carbon steel and CNC milled based on the original M-Craft models but with improved stability and a lighter weight grip to help control face rotation. 
  • Omoi Type 1 improves stability and uses the fundamentals of other Mizuno models to create a heavier head weight for increased MOI and improved stability, all while balancing this out with a lightweight grip that’s customizable with an additional weight kit. 
  • Omoi Type 2 lets balance do the work, with a heavy head weight and lightweight grip that makes every swing feel intuitive and hard to miss. The maximized stability and weight distribution make this a great beginner putter option. 

PING – Ladies PLD Milled Anser 2 Putter

The PING Ladies PLD Milled Anser 2 Putter is a precision-milled putter designed for women golfers. It features a classic Anser-style head shape with a plumber’s neck hosel and a double-bend shaft for a smooth, stable stroke. The putter is made of high-quality materials and has a soft feel for added control on the greens.


  • Precision-milled construction provides a high level of accuracy
  • Classic Anser-style head shape is timeless and easy to align
  • Plumber’s neck hosel and double-bend shaft promote a smooth, stable stroke
  • Soft feel for added control on the greens


  • Price may be higher than other putters on the market
  • Not suitable for golfers who prefer a more modern-style putter

This putter is best suited for women golfers who prefer a classic look and feel and are looking for a high-quality, precision-milled putter with a smooth, stable stroke. The Anser-style head shape, plumber’s neck hosel, and double-bend shaft are all features that promote accuracy and control on the greens. Overall, this is a great option for golfers looking for a premium putter that will help them improve their game.

Conclusion and Where to Buy

If you’re a woman just beginning in golf, it might seem overwhelming to know where to start. Don’t fret, everything will put itself into place once you’ve got the right equipment and are on the green learning. Remember, practice makes perfect! There’s always room for mistakes and there’s no shame in not getting it right the first few times. 

Still, having the right equipment can be a game-changer. Buying any of our recommended products is a surefire way to have you feeling more confident in your abilities as you navigate the golf world, and we bet you’ll be beating the pros in no time. 


Can a Man Use Women’s Golf Clubs?

If a man feels more comfortable using women’s golf clubs due to size, weight, and flexibility, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to use them. 

Can Women Use Men’s Golf Clubs?

This is another yes. Every player is different, and all that matters is that you feel comfortable with the equipment you use. 

Are Women’s Golf Clubs Different from Men’s?

Women’s golf clubs are typically lighter, shorter, and more flexible than men’s golf clubs due to the average ladies’ geometry. 

Are Women’s Golf Clubs Lighter than Men’s?

Yes, most women’s golf clubs are lighter than golf clubs marketed to men. 

Are Men’s and Women’s Golf Club Heads the Same?

Usually, men’s club heads are bigger and more rotund than women’s club heads, with the latter being smaller and lighter to increase a more elevated loft bend and balance for slower swing velocities. 

How to Size Women’s Golf Clubs

When sizing women’s golf clubs, it’s important to consider height, weight, length, shaft flexibility, and personal skill level. It’s always best to test out a few before choosing clubs that best suit your needs. 

Are Women’s Golf Clubs Shorter?

Women’s golf clubs are typically shorter than men’s golf clubs. 

How Long are Women’s Golf Clubs?

The length of women’s golf clubs varies due to height, but are typically shorter than men’s golf clubs. Make sure to check the length before buying to make sure it suits your size. 

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