Painting wings in remembrance

Painting wings in remembrance
Weber MS Participates in The Butterfly Project to Honor Holocaust Survivors and Victims

Students at Carrie Palmer Weber Middle School in Port Washington recently commemorated Holocaust Remembrance Day through education, arts and memorial making. Students utilized their creativity to paint ceramic butterflies in honor of those who perished in the Holocaust and to recognize survivors. These butterflies are then permanently displayed as symbols of resilience and hope.

“It is of great importance to the district that our students recognize and honor the horrific events that occurred during the Holocaust, remembering those who lost their lives as well as those who were lucky enough to survive,” said Kathleen Mooney, superintendent of Port Washington Union Free School District. “The district places an emphasis on religious and cultural diversity, and we strive to foster an inclusive and supportive environment. Our efforts towards “The Butterfly Project” provide us with a means of teaching good humanity.”

This philanthropic venture is part of a larger initiative titled, “The Butterfly Project”. This national organization draws inspiration from “The Diary of Anne Frank”, the documentary film “Paper Clips”, and the poem “The Butterfly”, written during the Holocaust. The Butterfly Project incorporates lessons of the Holocaust to educate individuals about the dangers of hatred and bigotry and cultivates empathy and social responsibility. The initiative aims to inspire individuals to take action against injustice by connecting with history. The organization’s goal is to create 1.5 million butterflies around the world—one for each child who perished in the Holocaust and honoring the survivors.

For more information about the Port Washington Union Free School District, please visit the district’s website at and ‘like’ our Facebook page: @PortWashSchools.

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