Pianoforall Reviews – Ingenious New Way To Learn Piano And Keyboard

Pianoforall Reviews – Ingenious New Way To Learn Piano And Keyboard

Are you unable to go to an offline piano class? Well! You can fulfill your wish of learning piano through pianoforall. It renders a reliable and cost-effective online piano course.

Many people love to learn piano but do not know where to get the training. On the other hand, finding reliable offline and private piano classes is challenging and frustrating. Are you thinking about taking an online piano class? Well! You can join the pianoforall online course now!

Pianoforall is the most popular online piano course helping more than thousands of people worldwide. Have you ever imagined that you will sit down at the piano and play with professional guidance at home? It becomes possible with the advent of the internet.

Instead of attending piano class for months, you can learn how to play within months. It helps save more of your time, effort, and money on traditional piano lessons. Since this course module is designed to be suitable for beginners to intermediate levels, anyone can join this course.

Read the following section carefully to clarify your doubts and take the right decision to meet your dream!

Overview of Pianoforall

Pianoforall is an online course designed for learning the piano. It consists of 9 e-books with text, video lessons, keyboard diagrams, piano sheets, audio files, and pictures. The experienced and skilled instructor, Robin Hall, will teach the piano in a practical way.

This online platform follows the teaching method of play now and understands later. It helps music lovers play real music effectively from the beginning. No matter whether you work on a laptop or mobile, you can use this portal.

Once you invest your money and purchase lifetime access, you can download all the e-books to your device. It helps you take a look at the lessons and play it to upgrade your skills.

Pianoforall – Takes your piano skill to the next level

Many wonder how online piano courses help them understand the lessons and play the instrument properly. Keep in mind that pianoforall is a platform designed especially for those who want to play piano and keyboard.

This online portal contains electronic books that come with video and audio. It renders you an opportunity to learn at your own pace. This easiest and most affordable method will boost your piano skills and refine your musical knowledge by yourself.

Plenty of options are available in this musical portal. Every lesson improves your skill and takes you to the next level. Thus, you will get a unique learning experience on how to play piano. Try to spend your free time effectively and learn the piano in-depth.

Things make Pianoforall the best among other lessons

In the internet era, tons of online piano classes exist, but Pianoforall is something different from them. Here are the major reasons behind this!

  • Different teaching approach is the major aspect making Pianoforall the best compared to other piano lessons.
  • Pianoforall is a well-structured and reliable piano learning program. It has simple lessons, which are easy to follow and gain better piano skills.
  • Lessons are explained visually using shapes and alternative notation. It helps the learners to get more skills and knowledge.
  • This piano course teaches the users how to play popular songs with chord marks. It is the dream of many beginners.
  • People will get full access to Pianoforall lessons for a lifetime upon buying the course once on the Pianoforall website.
  • The regular price of the piano course is $79, which is highly affordable compared to other piano lessons. However, you can obtain discounts, so keep an eye on the site continuously to get the best deal.
  • This online portal keeps making updates on piano lessons. Therefore, you will always have fresh and unique content.
  • Since the platform has a 60-day money-back guarantee, you can enroll in the course and check whether it meets your expectations.
  • After buying the piano course, you will obtain 500 audio, 9 interactive e-books, and 200 video lessons. It helps improve your piano playing skills greatly.
  • If you have any hesitation in paying for the full course fees, you can try out the free 7-day mini course.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Pianoforall Online Course

What do you need to take this online piano course?

Once you decide to take up the piano and keyboard course online on Pianoforall, you must ensure that you have the following things in your place. Remember that the course does not demand big pieces of software to install. So you do not have to worry about anything.

  • You will need your device (laptop, desktop, or mobile) and a keyboard or piano. Make sure you purchase a 61-key keyboard for easy practice. If you are more serious about learning piano, go for an 88-key digital keyboard.
  • If you access Mac or computer to access videos and audio lessons, you need Flash Player or Adobe Reader.
  • For Android devices, having the EZPDF reader lite app is enough. In the case of iOS, install the Readdle documents app.
  • As soon as you download the program, you can utilize it anywhere and anytime. With the offline access feature, you can use these lessons offline.

Even if you get stuck in the middle of using the course, you can visit the official site of Pianoforall. It has a detailed guide to assist you in understanding how the installation works.

It also explains how to access the content you have purchased. In addition, it renders troubleshooting information to sort out the difficulties.

What do you get after enrolling in Pianoforall?

You will get many interesting and useful resources with the one-time course purchase. The first thing is the eBooks that cover multiple styles of music for the piano. It includes tunes, exercises, and chords. You will get nine books along with one bonus book.

You will get more than 200 video lessons, which will help you gain in-depth knowledge of the basics. Robin Hall explains and demonstrates keyboard functions and others. It assists students in getting new information.

Video lessons let you know how your hands should be and how to play a specific sound or song. This online course offers 500 audio exercises and songs. All the songs are placed next to every exercise to get the best learning experience. It works equally well on the keyboard and piano so use the device you want.

What is the Pianoforall teaching method?

The Pianoforall method is completely based on teaching how to play piano/keyboard via two vital things. The first is rhythm piano, and the other is chord progression. In rhythm piano, the instructor teaches basic rhythm patterns. Once you progress, you will start learning more complex rhythms.

The instructor focuses more on the chord progression to teach piano properly to the students. Learning the chords and chord progressions will help them play their familiar songs easily and quickly.

The instructor helps the students play the piano properly by teaching chords and rhythm. It also renders them enough musical knowledge to play different songs and even compose the songs on their own.

Many students think that this course neglects notation. But, it is not true. Since notation is a vital part of piano learning, this online program helps you learn notes and sight-reading. It gives them enough knowledge and confidence to play anything.

Apart from teaching how to read notes correctly, the course utilizes an effective and unique combination of audio, video, notation, and keyboard diagrams. This way, you will easily learn the notes and know how to play by ear and read sheet music.

Because of these elements, Pianoforall is the right method of learning how to play the keyboard or piano.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Pianoforall Online Course

How long it takes to complete the piano course?

This online course renders bite-sized piano lessons that are easy to learn and understand. If you are ready to spend 20-30 minutes daily for practicing, you can quickly witness the progress.

Having dedication and spending enough time will help you to complete the course within months. You can play a song on the piano properly by learning the basic lessons and techniques.

This course is a perfect option for beginners because it renders step-by-step lessons. These lessons cover all the basic concepts, notation, and song tutorials. It gives you a space to take your musical skill to the next level.

Pianoforall pros and cons

Are you still unsure whether Pianoforall online course is good for you? Go through the pros and cons of this online portal in depth. It aids you in take the right decision.


  • Various learning resources

Pianoforall provides its content via video lessons, eBooks, and video and audio lessons. Hence, it is worthwhile for people to prefer various ways of learning. It helps students learn faster by listening and reading. Taking benefit of these reasons will improve your musical knowledge.

  • One-time payment

Buying the Pianoforall course for one time will give you lifetime access to all its lessons. It is not possible in other online piano platforms because those render only annual or monthly subscriptions.

  • Amazing creativity

Some piano lessons contain useful tips on how to work on creativity and musicality. These lessons help you learn about composition and improvisation. It also makes you master chord progressions, and thus writing your own stuff becomes easier.

  • Outstanding curriculum

Apart from learning how to play familiar and your favorite songs, you will learn about musical notation and concepts. Of course, the course curriculum does not go deeper into any topic. But you will understand music theory and how to completely play songs of different genres.

  • Offer solid musical foundation

This platform provides a better musical foundation for beginners. It teaches them how to play piano by ear and then improve and compose melodies. It also lets them use their left hand better compared to traditional piano programs.


  • No feedback

On this platform, you will never receive feedback. It means you do not know whether you are on the right track and areas in which you need improvisation.

  • No in-depth knowledge

Even though the course teaches you both music theory and playing songs, it does not provide a deeper understanding. It is not an issue for beginners but while moving to the advanced level, finding the additional source is important.

Who can use Pianoforall?

Many times, you get doubt that whether you can roll the online piano course on Pianoforall. Here is the list of who can purchase this course online.

  • Complete beginners
  • People of all ages who have an interest in music
  • Those who wish to learn how to play songs by chords
  • People who wish to know how to play basic songs quickly
  • Those who want to learn piano from their comfort
  • People who prefer jazz, blues, and pop before the classical music
  • Hobby pianist

Final thoughts

After considering all things, Pianoforall is a worthwhile online piano course. It will teach you how to easily play the keyboard/piano at home.

Robin Hall has created this course and describes the musical concepts clearly to the students. Even though this platform does not render feedback and has a low possibility of contacting an instructor, it compensates by rendering versatile and excellent learning material.

This course renders you exercises, eBooks, and audio and video files. All these things make the piano learning process more engaging. As it offers lifetime access to the whole program, there is no need to renew your membership constantly.

This course will not provide advanced classical music. But, once you finish the course, you will definitely improve your core skills and build a strong musical foundation.

After course completion, you will sit comfortably on the piano and play your favorite music/song. You can compare this course with others to know its benefits in-depth.

Since it is a new way of learning, join the Pianoforall online course today to fulfill your musical need within your budget.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Pianoforall Online Course

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