Port needs Tom Rice as police commissioner

Port needs Tom Rice as police commissioner

If ever there was a right time for a young and upcoming experienced cop to become our new police commissioner, it is now.

Tom Rice is a graduate of our schools and has raised a family in Port Washington. Seventeen years a Port police officer, Tom has paid the price of being a first responder at the World Trade Center and bears both the marks and the memories of that occasion.

Our town will be the better for his directness and honesty. He will improve the street officers relationship with our schoolchildren, facing up to the challenges brought about by bigotry, racism and drugs.

He will stand for honesty in determining where our annual multi-million dollar budget is spent. And he will bring a closer relationship with the rank and file, having been part of it for so many years.

I trust Tom Rice and if you elect him, you will to.

Bert Tobin
Port Washington

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