Readers Write: Jones Beach

Readers Write: Jones Beach

All day there’s the radiant sun…
There’s the pounding surf and foaming undertow
that kindle the imagination with their energetic poetry.
Off to a side colorful serpents chased blue puffs of air above us.
I discerned my soul on a sunbeam, and held onto the string so delicately
that I started to glide with winged flight.
The depth of this primeval beauty is license to cherish what we love.
I feel its rhythms like blossoms that suddenly burst open from beginning to end.
The essential din of being.
Beyond our passion lies meticulous life with its scores of tasks
broad as the horizon, but not now. Today bore neither tedium nor worry.
We sat and watched the cadence of day, shadow, sound, silence, and mystery…
Oh, that incredible sound. What bliss!
We immersed ourselves in the currents, and tread the warm sand
into the long evening, taking them home in our depths.
The vision kept shimmering, aided by reflection.
The rhythm never stops. The dream rushes past, I exist weightless.
I hope I never come down from the heights.
In the end we left footprints in the sand.
What a sunset!

Stephen Cipot
Garden City Park

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