Readers Write: Kaplan wrong on criminal justice reform

Readers Write: Kaplan wrong on criminal justice reform

State Sen. Anna Kaplan should be ashamed of herself for having the audacity to distribute a mailing filled with one misleading statement after another when it comes to her record on public safety.

Evidently, she must believe that her constituents in the 7th Senate district have a very short memory or are complete idiots. Whichever it is, it is abundantly clear that she has no respect for the people she claims to represent in Albany.

The flyer contends that Kaplan “Successfully fought to fix the bail law to keep violent criminals and repeat offenders off the streets.”

What she is withholding is the fact that the law she fought to fix is the very law that she and every other democrat in the state senate voted for in 2019 and Governor Cuomo signed into law.

Known as the 2019 Criminal Justice Reform Act, it eliminated cash bail for a majority of offenders without taking into account their past criminal history, their likelihood to show up for their next court appearance or the danger they pose to the public.

To add to the absurdity, the law was written with zero input from law enforcement executives, district attorneys or judges across the state. When it came to bail requirements, judges had their discretion completely removed.

The Criminal Justice Reform Act that Kaplan voted for resulted in a revolving door in and out of the system. Criminals are not deterred knowing they can burglarize your house on Friday and if arrested, will be out by Saturday night.

Time and time again New Yorkers are seeing stories of offenders who should be behind bars out committing the same crimes against new victims. Earlier this year we saw Tiffany Harris arrested not once, not twice but an astounding three times in one week for assaulting Jewish women in Brooklyn.

She walked free after each arrest under the state’s ludicrous 2020 soft-on-crime law. The “fixes” to the original bail reform bill that Sen. Kaplan refers to in her mailing do very little to give judges the full discretion they need against offenders charged with weapons possession, certain burglaries and other disturbing crimes.

Senator Kaplan would like you to read the flyer and believe that she has the safety of all of us is mind when in fact nothing can be further from the truth.

In 2019, the senator jumped on board the democrat’s bandwagon and blindly voted along party lines to make each and every New Yorker less safe! Senator Kaplan’s blatantly misleading flyer not only proves she lacks the ability to admit she was wrong on this important issue but also that evidently, she takes us all for fools. To me, honesty goes a long way when deciding on who to vote for.

Senator Kaplan does not deserve to be re-elected.

Timothy Kelly
East Williston

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  1. What an alarmingly ignorant statement Mr. Jj. This article has zero to do with cops and everything to do with the public safety of all New Yorkers.

  2. bail reform is a failure and Kaplan voted for it and supports it like everything else the Dems put out. She does not support police or the 2nd Amendment and her voting and legislation record proves it. VOTE THIS WOMAN OUT OF OFFICE and get law and order back in out State..


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