Readers Write: No excuse for Ryan not to salute anthem

Readers Write: No excuse for Ryan not to salute anthem

In his response to my letter about a Democratic president candidate not placing his hand over his heart during the national anthem, Jon Weinstein makes a good point about the pressure of campaigning. Inadvertently, he has given me another reason not to vote for U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan: If he can’t stand the campaign pressure, how could he be depended upon to withstand the pressure of being president? In any event, the civilian salute should be second nature to a mature adult let alone an elected representative in Congress.

Separately, I received a letter signed by a C. Rucker “for the N.H.Pk. Vets” who has a “list of people and teams who do not salute our national anthem.” Rucker has added Tim Ryan’s name to the list. No doubt Rucker has included certain sports figures on the list.

I want to make clear that I do not in any way support such a list. There are well-known individuals in the sports world who do what they do for reasons they have articulated which in my mind is entirely different from the action, or more correctly, inaction of Tim Ryan.

Alan Reff

East Williston

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