Rising Stars Youth Foundation and Webair team up at golf outing to make academic and athletic dreams possible

Rising Stars Youth Foundation and Webair team up at golf outing to make academic and athletic dreams possible

As the kids go for nothing but net on the basketball court, the adults aim for hole-in-ones on the. This week, the Rising Stars Youth Foundation recognized Webair of Garden City as the top sponsor for the foundation’s fundraising golf outing, which will help transform young lives with academic and athletic opportunities.

The Rising Stars Youth Foundation held its 10th Annual Golf Outing & Dinner Reception on Oct. 19 at Cherry Valley Country Club in Garden City. The proceeds support Rising Stars’ leading programs that build character, promote education, and reinforce important values by utilizing the power of teams and a love of basketball.

Webair’s sponsorship included support of the Rising Stars Scholars Program, which includes tuition assistance, academic and personal support, mentorship, and advice toward college and career preparedness.

“Webair is a generous supporter of the Foundation and has a strong commitment to helping young people achieve educational and athletic excellence,” said Dan Gimpel, executive director of the Rising Stars Youth Foundation. “For over 20 years, outstanding companies like Webair have enabled the Rising Stars Youth Foundation to provide boys and girls access to academic opportunities in high school or prep school — and ultimately college — that were out of reach otherwise, allowing them to reach their full potential.”

Webair is a leading provider of managed cloud solutions. Headquartered in Garden City, New York, Webair specializes in enterprise cloud solutions including Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service, Backups-as-a-Service, Private Cloud, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, and more. Although Webair has a global presence, the company has always been dedicated to giving back to the local community and charitable organizations. This commitment to giving back has been the driving force behind Webair’s support and sponsorship of the Rising Star Youth Foundation.

“Webair has always believed in supporting our local community,” said Michael C. Orza, CEO of Webair. “We are proud to work with and support the Rising Stars Youth Foundation continue their amazing work helping our youth play and grow in a safe environment, while promoting education and reinforcing values. We are excited and driven to help more kids pursue their dreams, and build a future of promise and opportunity, regardless of the obstacles that stand in their way.”

Rising Stars offers scholarships to bridge the social class opportunity gap, enabling students to attend prestigious private high schools and prep schools they never thought could be possible. Some of the participants live in areas in NYC where the high school graduation rate is low or they have challenging family circumstances such as single-parent and low-income households.


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