ROP comm Temple Judea meets the challenges of ‘Tashlich’ during a pandemic

ROP comm Temple Judea meets the challenges of ‘Tashlich’ during a pandemic
Rabbi Todd Chizner Blows the Traditional Shofar

Tashlich is a Biblical rite which is a commandment to people to “cast off all their sins into the depths of the sea” (Micah7:20). Through this ritual, we express not only our desire to be forgiven for past misdeeds, but also our continuing hope to be free from sin in the future.

Temple Judea partnering with Temple Tikvah, created a well thought out and creative service; social distancing guidelines were adhered to, which allowed those attending to observe the traditions of the holiday while remaining safe.

Congregants of both temples gathered in their own cars and parked in Temple Judea’s spacious parking lot at prescribed locations. Masks were required and the participants remained in their cars until the final moments of actually casting their sins into the water. The traditional “running waters” were a line of ten backyard pools, distant from each other, allowing the congregants to safely perform this ancient rite.

Rabbi Todd Chizner of Temple Judea then blew the traditional shofar. Thanks to an elaborate audio reinforcement system, the congregants could hear not only the prayers and songs of the service but also the blowing of the shofar, all through their car radios.

It was surely a challenge that was met with great success thanks to modern-day techniques and human inventiveness.

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  1. Thank you so much for this quick response to my Tashlich article and photographs.! All of us at Temple Judea are truly grateful.

    Nancy Fadem, Publicity Chair and member of the Board of Trustees of Temple Judea


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