Top 3 NFL Players Poised for a Trade in 2024 Offseason

Top 3 NFL Players Poised for a Trade in 2024 Offseason

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As the 2024 NFL offseason approaches, speculation and anticipation build around the potential trades that could redefine team rosters and shift the balance of power within the league. Several high-caliber players are on the cusp of new horizons, either seeking opportunities to rejuvenate their careers or to slot into a championship-contending team desperately needing their skill sets.

The players listed below have shown exceptional performance on the field. Still, due to various factors—ranging from salary cap issues to strategic team rebuilding—they are highly likely to find themselves donning new jerseys. Here are the top four NFL players poised for a trade in the upcoming offseason.

Ex-Pro NFL Players Analyze Current League Developments

In a recent discussion on dynamic league strategies, two former NFL players, Brady Quinn and Leger Douzable, joined by well-known analyst Will Brinson, ranked every coaching staff within the league, adding a competitive twist by breaking down rankings by division.

Focusing particularly on the AFC North, the trio sparked debate with their standings; they placed John Harbaugh of the Ravens at the pinnacle, followed by Mike Tomlin of the Steelers, Kevin Stefanski of the Browns, and, controversially, Zac Taylor of the Bengals anchored at the bottom.

Despite Taylor’s notable record of securing five playoff victories since his 2019 hire—outshining the combined total of his divisional peers—his underperformance within the AFC North at 10-20 was a decisive factor for Quinn’s ranking. This bold placement may intrigue those analyzing NFL betting odds, as coaching efficacy can often influence a team’s favor in the gambling sphere.

Top 4 NFL Athletes Who May Ignite Trade Talks in the 2024 Offseason

  1. QB Geno Smith (Seahawks) – While Smith’s tenure with the Seattle Seahawks has certainly been productive, the substantial guarantee of $12.7 million of his base salary for 2024 doesn’t cement his spot on the roster. With a new coaching staff seeking to make their mark and a history of eyeing quarterback talents in the draft, Smith’s future with Seattle remains uncertain. Moving him before June 1 would not only allow the Seahawks to save $13.8 million but also chart a new course for the team’s leadership under center.
  2. RB Alvin Kamara (Saints) – Kamara, the dynamic running back known for his versatility in both the running and passing game, is under financial scrutiny by the New Orleans Saints. Given his impact on the field, new offensive coordinator Klint Kubiak could leverage Kamara’s skill set, reminiscent of Christian McCaffrey’s role in San Francisco. Yet, with the Saints currently strapped for cap space and Kamara’s considerable future salary, a trade that could save the team $1.5 million this year is an option that cannot be ignored.
  3. WR Davante Adams (Raiders) – Adams, who made headlines with his lucrative contract to become the centerpiece of the Raiders’ offense, finds himself in an unstable position as the Las Vegas team welcomes new leadership. Despite the team’s likely denial of any intent to sell, the strategic move to trade Adams could come at an opportune moment, considering the depth added by Jakobi Meyers and the potential shakeup in the receiver corps this would entail. Adams has also thrown out hints he’d like to go be reunited with Aaron Rodgers in New York.
  4. WR Stefon Diggs (Bills) – The Buffalo Bills face a critical decision with the talented Diggs. With his fellow receiver Gabe Davis approaching free agency, any move involving Diggs would necessitate a calculated plan to replenish the wide receiver position. However, trading the 30-year-old star could free up $9.7 million instantly, providing the financial flexibility needed to manage salary cap challenges in the 2024 season.

Signal-Callers in Line for Lucrative Deals in 2024

As the quarterback market continues to escalate, a keen eye is turned to signal-callers like Dak Prescott, whose financial future with the Dallas Cowboys is under scrutiny. Having narrowly missed claiming the title of 2023 NFL MVP, Prescott is poised to command a significant salary.

The Cowboys are facing a daunting $59.455 million cap hit, which seems unsustainable for the franchise. Prescott’s scheduled $34 million for 2024, with an unguaranteed $29 million base salary and a $5 million roster bonus due in March, puts the team in a bind. A contract extension seems to be Dallas’ best bet to alleviate the cap pressure for the upcoming season.

Furthermore, the precedent set by Joe Burrow could pave the way for Prescott’s camp to negotiate a staggering $60 million annual paycheck—a figure that would represent a 9.09% increase over Burrow’s deal, aligning with the 9.41% market increase seen in 2023.

Jared Goff’s performance has also sparked conversation regarding his valuation in the league. Mirroring his peak 2018 season, Goff’s statistics bolster the argument for a substantial extension that could match the precedent set during his time with the Rams, aspiring to the $52 million yearly average secured by Lamar Jackson.

Finally, Jordan Love is anticipated to enter discussions for a generous contract extension post-2024 Draft. Following in the footsteps of predecessor Aaron Rodgers’ final deal averaging over $50 million per year, expectations are that Love will set his sights even higher in negotiations, potentially exceeding Rodgers’ considerable figure and adding another layer of complexity to the evolving quarterback pay scale.

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