Town to receive $611,363 to replace lead pipes carrying drinking water

Town to receive $611,363 to replace lead pipes carrying drinking water
Assemblyman Anthony D’Urso in the Assembly chamber.

Stat Assemblyman Anthony D’Urso announced Tuesday that the  the Town of North Hempstead will receive $611,363 of the $20 million the state has awarded municipalities to replace the lead pipes that carry our drinking water to homes.

The funding, D’Urso said, is part of the 2017-2018 budget and the state Clean Water Infrastructure Act of 2017.

D’Urso, a member of the state Assembly’s Environmental Conservation Committee, said he is  a strong believer in protecting our environment for future generations.

“We are borrowing this planet from our children,” he said.
According to the Federal Environmental Protection Agency the safe level for lead contaminant in drinking water is zero because lead is a toxic metal that can be harmful to human health even at low exposure levels and lead can bioaccumulate over time.
Even if water contains lead, bathing and showering are safe because skin does not absorb lead in water.
Some of the old pipes contain corroded lead which can be transferred to the drinking water and the replacement of these pipes will protect our public’s health and create safer, cleaner drinking water for our residents.

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