Readers Write: A city slicker’s tale

Readers Write: A city slicker’s tale

This is for all you folks in the South, Southeast, Southwest, Midwest and all others who have a distrust of folks in the East, especially those who come from New York City. Them city slickers, they’ll try anything to put something over on you all. But what’s really funny is that the biggest city slicker of them all has taken most of you good folk on a ride on a road that will lead you to only one place. Hell!

Ask any New York City slicker who is the worst of them all and they’ll give you a name, and of course you’ll nod your head in agreement. But it’s funny how all you so-called country folk believe every word that this “God in his own mind” tells you. Are you folks stupid or just plain ignorant? Let me ask you a question. How many of you wear shoes?

You all know about his love for money and that he is a poor loser. Do you know what he does when he loses? He seeks revenge. Imagine getting revenge and making huge sums of money at the same time. After losing the presidential election to Joe Biden, all he had to do was to steal documents, especially those highly classified, and simply sell them off to his good friend Putin or to others. Truth is, they weren’t classified, since he declassified them.

That priestly God-like figure simply raised his hands upward towards heaven and exclaimed; “Yesterday you were classified. Today you are declassified.” It’s all in the power of the president or rather the former president. Witnesses to the event of reclassifying documents were such legendary figures as Snow White, Cinderella, Mickey, Donald and representing the military, Popeye.

We all know that he has expertise in the art of the deal. Make them an offer and they can’t refuse. Buy two and a third will be tossed in free of charge. Do you know what? At first, the thinking was that Putin would be alone doing the bidding, thus being able to name his price. However, with so much on the line, others will join the festivities and once the bidding begins, zeroes will add up, especially with seven of them, with a one in front of them all. Sold! To the highest bidder. Country secrets? You know this former president doesn’t seem to care. Do you know what else is up his sleeve? He’s got plenty more of this same type of his personal property to sell. And we all know that he is the Master. Not the Apprentice. He’s second to none.

“We love you” his supporters shout out. But where are their shoes? He sold them out from right under their feet and shortly he’ll be running to his new business headquartered at his new Trump Czarina Hotel, located in downtown Moscow, a one-minute walk from Red Square.

Being the faithful leader of his party, he will invite his band of jolly Republicans, at all levels of government, to follow him to this new holy land, where they will all be like heads of state. “Off with their heads” he commands, and their heads will all be placed atop flagpoles surrounding his hotel. He loves having them hang around, especially when they cannot disagree with him. As their leader, he knows all about justice.

“Long live the…” Well, not for long. Although he did prove that he could lead his party to the heights, or rather the depths, of undoing democracy, this political fairy tale of a city slicker will end with a one-word sentence: Jail! You better count on the Supreme Court agreeing with that sentence Otherwise, real chaos will follow since “We The People” will fight for real democracy

Alvin Goldberg

Great Neck

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