Readers Write: Back Sam Yellis for VGN trustee

Readers Write: Back Sam Yellis for VGN trustee

I first got to know Sam Yellis’ oversized personality via an undersized Zoom window at a Village of Great Neck meeting held online during the pandemic. In Sam I not only found a neighbor, a fellow GNPS teacher, an approachable/humble guy with a unique sense of humor, but most importantly a solid community member.

Whereas it is easy to jump onto social media within private groups and complain about issues that bother us, Sam has consistently put himself out there. He has published editorials in our local papers, and for years been engaged in local meetings: Board of Trustees, Board of Zoning Appeals, Architectural Review Committee. Sam is now running for a seat on the Board of Trustees for the Village of Great Neck and without hesitation I endorse his candidacy.

A longtime Village resident like myself, Sam shares my concerns regarding the Village’s lack of foot traffic, neglected vacant storefronts, occupied locales with equally unkempt appearances, the trash that litters Village seating areas along Middle Neck Road, and building projects that were approved, started and have been left uncompleted.

The Village of Great Neck in no way resembles “a village,” let alone what people would imagine Great Neck should look like. I believe that Sam can start a turnaround; not by providing variances to developers to construct oversized luxury apartment buildings, but through reaching out to commercial landlords while involving residents and with small initiatives.

Unless you are satisfied with the status quo, change is needed. “Together We Can!” with Sam begin to breathe life back into our Village and make it a place we can all be proud of.

Karen Bardash

Great Neck

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