Readers Write: Back Tercynski as E. Williston school trustee

Readers Write: Back Tercynski as E. Williston school trustee

Last year, I wrote a Letter to the Editor singing the praises of Denise Tercynski, lamenting the fact that she was running against Mark Kamberg, and wishing she were running against someone else.

It seems I have gotten my wish.  And this time, I wholeheartedly support her candidacy.  I have to add that I am extremely impressed with the fabulous example she is setting for our children by running a second time.

I have known Denise since our graduating seniors were in Northside together.  I have always found her to be well-informed, involved, and tenacious.  Denise was a constant and reliable presence at anything school-related, whether it be PTO meetings, coffee with various administrators, or a myriad of school happenings.

She is completely and utterly dedicated to her children and their educational goals.  She is laser-focused on what is not working and what needs to be changed, and she is determined to the see the job through.

If elected trustee, she won’t foist valid complaints onto others or tell people to contact the school personnel or the superintendent.  She will listen to what is being said and figure out what can be done about it.  She will not stop until the problem is solved to her satisfaction.

At this time, I truly believe the East Williston school board is in desperate need of new blood.  Trust has been eroding steadily over the past few years and community confidence is ebbing away.

There have been vocal demands for increased transparency that have been ignored, resulting in some very unhappy residents.  Denise will change that.  She will bring increased access to the inner workings and answer questions that others brush off.  As a community, we need that.

We need someone to address issues, challenge the status quo, and bring the community back into the inner circle.

In addition to being a longtime concerned and involved parent, Denise has educational perspective,  with good ideas and insights.  She’s someone who is never removed, but not too close for tunnel vision.

This is a huge plus and desperately needed. Right now our district is stagnating, and angry rumblings illustrate the need for change for a new person. That is what is needed right now. East Williston needs Denise. We need Denise.


Emily Kaye

Roslyn Heights

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