Readers Write: Biden in the chips

Readers Write: Biden in the chips

Almost unheralded by the press, which seems to focus on visuals of apartment fires, stabbings and floods, is the avalanche of success triggered by President Biden’s CHIPs Act. For New York State, this is a watershed moment.

After decades of trying to revive the upstate economy after America’s deindustrialization, uneven and compromised attempts like the “Buffalo Billion,” the act accomplished what others failed to do. Micron’s $100 billion investment will breathe new life into this moribund part of the state and other parts of the country as well.

This may be enough to silence perpetual bellyacher William F.B. O’Reilly for about six minutes.

Thanks to the domestic content rules embedded in the act, as well as the other economic initiatives the administration has taken, there is now a flood of newfound onshoring from many parts of the world, including South Korea and Europe. Also enacted were rules forbidding the export of American chip technology to other nations, notably China. Many will remember when foreign firms set up shop on the Mainland, the Chinese government mandated technology transfer. That stops now.

The push for more EVs has also attracted massive investment from overseas in battery manufacturing. Biden may have reversed the eroding tide of our manufacturing base and for decades to come.

This is the kind of intelligent policy you get when there are experienced, competent hands at the helm. And what a refreshing difference from just throwing rocks at the Chinese and putting trade policy into the hands of someone as deranged as Peter Navarro, who is now under indictment for contempt of Congress. In fact, the former guy’s tariff and trade policy COST American jobs and raised taxes on consumers, but as with everything, the drama was the point. Scapegoating, preening, insulting, and empty bravado took the place of the hard work of governing.

You can see the same debilitating traits in local Republicans.

We shouldn’t be surprised. When Biden picked out his economic team, all of the people were established, credentialed, and with long track records in public policy. This is probably the best team of economists guiding policy you’re ever going to see. And the quality of the legislation and its execution proves it.

The former guy had Fox media dunce Larry Kudlow.

Also unnoticed is that this president, in concert with a newly revived Western Alliance that the former guy spat on, ridiculed, and insulted, is facilitating the laying waste of Russia’s military without the loss of a single American life. This is one of the most stunning strategic and political foreign policy achievements in our history, and no one is paying attention to it! You would think this is as common as the sunrise. It’s actually a pivotal moment in world history, and you’re living through it. But no one cares.

Yeah, I know. Hunter Biden and the border. Got it.

There is a deeper meaning here. For decades, people were taught to detest the government for its own sake. They were told it was useless and corrupt, so the rubes went out and voted for the party that is useless and corrupt.

What this administration has reaffirmed is that good governance matters, that governing is a learned skill and not a performance, that activism in public life by government is something to be encouraged, and not belittled. The lesson here that government should serve so that things can be made to work.

This is happening right before your eyes. These initiatives solve real problems.

I do hope this isn’t upended by the feckless stupidity of a huge part of the electorate, should the GOP gain control of even ONE chamber of Congress, so please vote accordingly. I see no reason to recommend ANY Republican for public office given the derelict state of the party as it stands today.

There is nothing in their policy set that comes close to matching these initiatives. In fact, if someone knows what the GOP stands for besides flooding local school boards with mentally unstable bachelors and paling around with goose steppers, please chime in.

Who would be demented enough to vote for a Republican today?

Donald Davret


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