Readers Write: Biden is a big mistake

Readers Write: Biden is a big mistake

Dear President Biden, you, sir, are a disgrace and an embarrassment to a once great country.

You will forever be remembered for your betrayal of an ally you will soon regret losing.

Dear my brothers and sisters in the diaspora, if you vote for this man, your grandchildren will one day have to live with the shame of having a grandparent who betrayed his/her people.

Biden has today taken off the gloves and blatantly rewarded the barbaric Jew-hating terrorists who murdered, raped, and mutilated innocent Jews.


Today, I am embarrassed to be an American, words I truly never thought I’d write.

As sad as this is for Israel and the Jewish people, it’s infinitely worse for America. Want to know why?

Open a history book.

When an empire comes after the Jews, it is the beginning of the end for that empire.

So, Mr. Biden, prepare to meet your Babylonian and Assyrian friends.

Today, you made a historic mistake

Bill Spitalnick


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