Readers Write: Bizarre universe Grand Central Madison style

Readers Write: Bizarre universe Grand Central Madison style


Welcome to Larry Penner’s Bizarre Universe, Grand Central Madison style.

Mr. Penner states the terminal went through a soft opening on March 25. Wouldn’t that be January 25?

Mr. Penner states the MTA has predicted 160,000 daily users using GCM. Has Mr. Penner not been pontificating about how telecommuting post COVID has reduced ridership?

Mr. Penner mentions the long, long escalator. He goes into the long laundry list of people he feels will not be able to use the escalator. While my heart goes out to anyone disabled enough not to be able to use the escalator, what per centage of the total riding population is that? 5%? 10% tops?

In one sentence Mr. Penner states there are only four elevators, yet sentences later refers to them as both elevators. Wouldn’t “both” mean two?

Mr. Penner laments the lack of newsstands for riders to buy newspapers and magazines. Has Mr. Penner read his opinion pieces that lament the print industry on the ropes? Has Mr. Penner been on the subway lately? Does he see how few people read books and magazines and opt for cell phones and tablets?

Mr. Penner states riders are supposed to carry garbage to the street from the platform. If that was the worst inconvenience I ever experienced in my life I’d be a very happy person.

Mr. Penner talks about all the contractors walking around inspecting. Would he prefer no one is trying to correct whatever last minute glitches have come up? Does Mr. Penner recall the original subway? City Hall to Grand Central to Times Square to 145th St. Has it undergone some expansion and improvement since then?

When Larry Penner is in favor of a project no pesky details matter. When Larry Penner is against a project the devil is in the details. Only in Mr. Penner’s Bizarre Universe. The latest is Grand Central Madison.

Nat Weiner



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