Readers Write: Blakeman – leave trans kids alone

Readers Write: Blakeman – leave trans kids alone

Bruce Blakeman couldn’t care less about girls’ sports.

By signing an executive order to ban teams that allow transgender girls and women to play within Nassau County athletic facilities, Bruce Blakeman continues to distract from his shirking of responsibilities as Nassau County Executive.

Since his marginal win against Curran in 2021, after campaigning on the promise of $128 million in tax cuts, Blakeman has rejected every cut in annual budget proposals.

In 2022, amidst the highest rates of new COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in the county, he issued a series of orders against mask mandates in schools.

What has he been doing instead in his capacity as executive?

Attacking the participation of the county’s small percentage of transgender girls and women in athletics, a right which is supported by experts in the field including the National Women’s Law Center.

Blakeman’s order does not mention transgender boys and men — instead hiding his under-researched and dangerous “order” behind a thin veil of Victorian-era patriarchal values and personal opinion.

“Part of good government is listening to your constituents,” Blakeman said in a recent interview with the New York State Capital. Listen to this constituent, Bruce – do your job, and leave trans kids alone.

Carter Allen

Garden City

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