Readers Write: Blakeman showing MAGA-fascist GOP brand

Readers Write: Blakeman showing MAGA-fascist GOP brand
Great Horned Owl Jennifer Wilson Pines

Clearly a MAGA-fascist troll at heart, empty suit Bruce Blakeman continues to plaster his name in absurdly large type, at every opportunity, in a vainglorious attempt at personal aggrandizement at the public’s expense!

Having already displayed the typical MAGA-fascist Nassau Republican brand of corrupt nepotism with the nomination of his wife for a judgeship, he has fulfilled their motto: “Patronage and Nepotism Above All!…Ethics, Not So Much…”. No matter how much he flashes his expensive plastic grin, his incessant “tagging” of every county event should be an embarrassment, even for someone who drinks so deeply at the MAGA-fascist Republican dark-money cesspool!

Eric Cashdan

Sands Point

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