Readers Write: Blakeman’s fiscal mismanagement and public safety risks

Readers Write: Blakeman’s fiscal mismanagement and public safety risks

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman’s recent conduct in office raises serious concerns about both fiscal responsibility and public safety.

From allowing $8 million in contracts for outside attorneys to commence without legislative approval to his imprudent plan to deputize legal gun owners under his personal control, his actions seem designed for personal political gain rather than public good.

These decisions not only circumvent established legislative processes and norms of proper governance but also risk the county’s financial stability and the safety of its residents.

Meanwhile, the county’s real problems – affordable housing, attracting and supporting small businesses, environmental issues, and the financially strapped Nassau County Medical Center – go unsolved.

Blakeman’s actions underscore a disregard for procedural integrity and demonstrate a penchant for risky, politically motivated actions that serve his interests rather than those of his constituents.

His focus on self-promoting schemes, such as a needless trademark for a county slogan and forming a private militia, showcases a disturbing trend of prioritizing personal agenda over genuine community needs. Nassau County residents deserve better.

Robert Yamins

Great Neck

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