Readers Write: Broken clock columnist right on Santos

Readers Write: Broken clock columnist right on Santos

I’ve cringed for years at the superfluous, hyper-partisan, over-the-top opinions (and observed her interviewing as well) of Karen Rubin.

I detest double standards and believe in merit in its purest form. Karen’s always busy with Republicans and I have no problem with that as a Republican. But it’s one thing to be like Chris Wallace and quite another to be like Joy Reid or Steve Colbert. As a reader, you should utterly discount hyper-partisan accounts of reality.

In this respect, I recall the silence of Democratic public figures when Speaker Pelosi watered down a proposed specific censure/resolution regarding Ilhan Omar. And they remained silent when she was not removed from the foreign affairs committee, a placement as sensible as Iran’s within the UN Human Rights Commission. The new speaker, Kevin McCarthy, has at least moved this jihadist out of the way of foreign relations.
Ergo – spare me the holy pronouncements.

As to my point, I have made clear the case – on many levels – for George Santos’s immediate removal from Congress. All the reasons need not be recounted.

So in this unusual week, both Karen’s watch and mine display “1 o’clock.” She is correct that not only are we in the 3rd CD disenfranchised representatively and in proper constituent service for our veterans, Social Security, Medicare, passport emergencies and other matters, we have NO representative to fight for our share of member projects and other local funding.

Santos will deliver zilch. While the most rational course looking ahead is to remove this freak show immediately, it is nonetheless a fact that even if he is removed by indictment / conviction or somehow survives his term, he is nonetheless doomed to the already-announced disqualification and rejection by Nassau Republicans. Why would any party leader in DC accord him any local funds better expended elsewhere?

Anyway, Karen and I agreed at 1 o’clock – and now it’s 2 o’clock. Back as we were…

Jeffrey Wiesenfeld

Great Neck

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