Readers Write: Bullying

Readers Write: Bullying

I just said “hello” and got sneered down.
Surrounding me physically, will they push me to the ground?
“Hey, let go of my backpack! Don’t throw it there. Come on give it back” It just isn’t fair.
Just walk away and leave me alone.
“STOP! Give it back, that’s my new cell phone.”
Does being tough really make them feel glad?
Why can’t they be friendly, is it powerful to be bad?
Were they bullied too? That would explain a lot.
Is revenge their goal, is this their plan or plot?

How sad and disturbing, for this is how they live.
Each one of them could have, so very much to give.

I’m afraid! Could they be hiding a gun?
Is my school safer, perhaps I should run!
Am I in a nightmare, a terrible dream?
Do I hear gun shots, did someone just scream?
Are guns so easily accessible and bought?
Are the buyers vetted, do merchants give it a thought?

Is bullying how this tragedy begins?
With anger and hopelessness, their future so grim?

They’ll see no tears swelling up in my eyes.
As I walk home safely, I try to realize
That with hope and faith, new laws will be bound
And a safer tomorrow will ultimately be found.

Angela M. Parisi

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