Readers Write: Change is needed in state Legislature

Readers Write: Change is needed in state Legislature

Monday March 25 was a violent day catching the attention of all New Yorkers.

The death of a commuter shoved in front of a train by a deranged person and the murder of a police officer echoed the belief that New York is spiraling downhill.

These tragic events, in addition to the daily crime stats of robberies, assaults and shoplifting show the erosion of public safety where criminals have little fear of accountability.

A  police widow 2 1/2 years ago pleaded for public safety changes.

Stephanie Diller, another widow on Easter weekend stated: “the change never came. And now my son has to grow up without his father.  New Yorik has been under one-party rule since the departure of Gov. Pataki.

LI Democrat legislators Gina Sillitti, Michaelle Solages, Steve Stern, Fred Thiele, Monica Martinez and Kevin Thomas received a $32,000 pay hike 2 years ago making them the highest paid in America.

It’s time for them to step up and effect criminal justice changes for the safety of law-abiding residents.

November elections are fast approaching and widows and crime victims are looking for change now.

Joe Campbell

Port Washinton

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