Readers Write: Democrats doctored pictures of Mazi

Readers Write: Democrats doctored pictures of Mazi

I am appalled by the Democrats’ lies and distortions about our community’s favorite candidate, Mazi Melesa Pilip.

I just got a flyer in the mail from the Democrats that has a doctored picture that makes Mazi look white.  Apparently, the Democrats don’t want people to know that they are attacking a black Jewish woman by lying about her.

Also, the Democrats’ flyer lied when it said that Mazi is going to outlaw abortions in New York. That’s the opposite of Mazi’s position.

Although Mazi is personally pro-life, she does not try to impose her personal views on the whole country or on New York.  Mazi opposes a national ban on abortion. Abortion is properly a decision for each state’s people.  It is not a decision for Congress.

During the last election, the Democrats lied about other Republicans who oppose a national ban on abortion and falsely said that those candidates wanted a national ban.

Unfortunately, those Democrat lies worked last time. Don’t let the Democrats get away with these lies again.  We need Mazi – not a high-taxing Suozzi.

Jennifer Levi

Great Neck


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