Readers Write: Experience counts—vote Suozzi, not Mazi

Readers Write: Experience counts—vote Suozzi, not Mazi
At this time we are at a very important crossroads.
For the past two years, both Democrats and Republicans in District 3 were cheated out of representation and a voice. We do not have the latitude to make that same mistake again.
We need someone knowledgeable and experienced to represent us and help deal with our issues. We do not need someone who is an empty suit, we need a seasoned politician. We need someone who offers us hope and positivity.
Tom Suozzi has done it before and when in Congress was able to find common ground across the aisles. He knows how Washington, D.C., operates and is a strong supporter of Israel.
Suozzi can and is willing to debate, speak up, support and fight for us.
Why would you vote for someone who does not have the experience and wherewithal needed for such an important position??  We do not need Santos the Second.
Please vote for Tom Suozzi. Vote for hope. Our lives and freedoms depend upon it.
Eileen Birns
Great Neck

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