Readers Write: Eyeing supporters for Zeldin campaign

Readers Write: Eyeing supporters for Zeldin campaign

Insurrectionist Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley) insists that he is seriously running for governor and that it isn’t just a bad joke.

Will he summon Proud Boy storm troopers to be his poll watchers? Will he employ the slimy fraudsters of Jimmy Keefe’s “Project Veritas” scam to do opposition research? Perhaps he will have his dear colleague, the Qanon kewpie Marjorie Taylor Green, come to campaign with him.

While that might arouse his MAGA-Derp base on the East End, it won’t play very well in the rest of the state, who will see him for the lame pretender he is. He is just another Trumplican insurrectionist who took an “Oath” that apparently had an expiration date! TRULY SAD!

Eric Cashdan

Sands Point

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