Readers Write: Galaxy in Deep Space

Readers Write: Galaxy in Deep Space
Photo by Dr. James Haklar.

Everyone knows there are great energies in the universe,
dazzling anyone who looks up.
But even massive galaxies can only be seen after day wanes.
The great constellations inspire me to the highest degree,
above and beyond what my life can reach or touch.
The star-studded sky inspires the dimension
that goes beyond experience.

Stepping back there’s an endless vision only a god can perceive.
The pure question entrusted by Galileo, a most patient being,
upon seeing the invisible for the first time.
Yet only phenomenon, meticulously placed at the center
for us to gaze intently.

Energy and light, but one cluster of so many stars—
among the many including our sun, and an incomprehension.
How the universe withholds its deepest mysteries.
How long ago am I seeing what’s in night’s sky?
Each distance is different, given the time it takes light
to reach the eyes—vast distances fascinate and terrify.

How often have I wondered, tended by aliens or how many
angels-on-a-pin? Everything else is derivative and second rate.
All things considered, Dante gets us nowhere.

And we always have an excuse of being busy
juggling things, but I was not prepared for this.

All of night opens richly.
Each light is a petal you can string together.
At the center of each darkness is a bud to click open.
Look how completely it takes its bold sweet hold
graced with blossoming for those who observe not judge.

Until such time arrives, I believe in our better angels.
And transcend darkness, imagined deeply enough
as the heart spills forth full of imagination.
No one told me this. I look up and know it’s true.

Stephen Cipot
Garden City Park

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