Readers Write: George Santos betrays CD3 constituents

Readers Write: George Santos betrays CD3 constituents


The people of Congressional District 3 have been lied to and betrayed.  A majority of them voted for a candidate who peddled falsehoods about his background, who is devoid of conscience or the ability to tell the difference between fact and fiction, who is unfit to serve as their representative in Washington. In fact when the voters of District 3 cast their vote for George Santos, they had no idea who they were voting for.

With each passing day more of his mendacity is revealed.  The people of the 3rd Congressional District deserve a person who will represent them and not use them as pawns to advance his career in the GOP.  All individuals, not only those who reside in District 3, must keep applying pressure to local and national politicians to expel George Santos from the House or force him to resign.

Rita Hall

Great Neck

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