Readers Write: George Santos’ world of lies

Readers Write: George Santos’ world of lies

It seems we live in a world of lies.
Therefore, it is no surprise,
Santos does aspire,
To be a world-class liar
There is query about his name,
With the shrug of a shoulder
He deviates from Santos to Devolder
And Zabrovsky is added to the list.
Is there a name that he hasn’t missed?
At the very least he is a puzzle
That many of us would like to muzzle
He has brought anger, embarrassment and shame,
To Republicans and their crew
Leaving those in his path feeling askew
This Santos-Devolder-Zabrovsky is a pitiful bloke.
His plethora of stories are like one sick joke.
Lies whipped up and more lies galore.
And whoops, each day another is in store.
His list of an education for all to envy
In reality there isn’t any
His claims of laudatory places he has worked,
Has us all reeling and completely irked.
His list of achievements is all rubbish.
Did he leave anything out of what he has accomplished?
And what about other achievements he has embellished?
Santos makes efforts to claim with relish.
That he is in fact Jewish
Or hyphenated Jew-ish
At the very least he is famished
Santos does not seem to be fazed,
That he can cause sane people to be crazed
And I have a burning yen,
To learn if Santos is even a citizen.
He seems to gag,
That he has been seen in drag
Added to Santos’ lies,
Are stories of his poor mother’s demise.
Discoveries of lies that are even worse,
Criminal actions, stealing funds are more perverse.
Then there is lying to donors
Or lying about being a property owner
And for added kicks
McCarthy is part of this fabricated mix.
What in the name of heaven
Is it with Kevin?
So, he can just gloat?
Over that secured vote.
We have had enough of deception,
It may be cause for a special election.
Santos is a world class fraud and uncouth,
So, I ask you, will he ever tell the truth?
And even more divine
If Santos would only resign.

Lois Schaffer

Great Neck






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